Network Osaka - Stanford University Poster


I’ve been a fan of Net­work Osaka’s work for a while now, and this A1 silk screen poster for Stan­ford Uni­ver­sity floored me when I saw it. I love the choice of col­ors and the over­print look, as well as the use of pho­tog­ra­phy to really bring the entire piece together. This design feels fresh but also seems like it could be a poster right out of the 60s. It must be a beauty in person.

Def­i­nitely check out Net­work Osaka’s full port­fo­lio. A lot of excel­lent design in there.

4 Comments on "Network Osaka - Stanford University Poster"

  • Mirtho says

    I work with that guy, and he is awesome!!!

  • lloyd says

    I sit right next to Derek. He kills the graph­ics design.

  • d. says

    This deserves a cup of Chilean wine, weon!

  • Callin Mackintosh says

    Is there any way of get­ting of copy of this poster?