7 thoughts on “New Work from Almost Modern

  1. These people are so repetitive and dull that I get tired. Put 3 words with an Helvetica, Folio or any type and become a “cool super designer”. Damn, this a bad philosophy.

  2. Nice poster, love the simplicity of form (the subtle Folio) and the content that retains its double meaning tension.

    I can imagine that if you only look to the form (one dimensional way of looking at things) that rapidly ceases, but then that says more about the way you look at it then were you looking at.

  3. these guys are so NOT original. Doing the same (experimental jetset) trick over and over and over and over…. zzzz

  4. Hello Ben, I actually don’t see the EJ trick at all, could you explain me what this is? I must agree with Dan it looks like it if you just look at it like you look at a nice girl (nothing wrong with that :)) but then you have to compare it with the whole modernist generation as well.
    I think these almost modern guys are way more human then the really rational EJ.

    Hey but that’s just subjective.

    Typographer Massimo Vignelli proclaims, “I don’t think typeface has to be expressive at all,” in the sense that a typeface doesn’t have to seem to bark if it is spelling “dog.”

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