Objectified Poster


The excep­tion­ally tal­ented Michael C. Place has designed this damn sexy poster for the new Gary Hus­twit doc­u­men­tary Objec­ti­fied. Sized at 27″ x 39″ and lith­o­graphed, it fea­tures illus­tra­tions of objects cre­ated by the design­ers in the film. The poster will be one sale very soon at the Objec­ti­fied store.    

7 Comments on "Objectified Poster"

  • Peter Sawatzky says

    I love it! Gary has great taste.

  • andreas says

    always the same peo­ple are posted. terrible!!!!!!

  • Michael Murray says

    No fewer than 9 Charles Eames objects, a man after my own heart 😀

  • Andreas, what do you mean by I post about the same peo­ple? If you fol­low this site, you’ll clearly know that I don’t post about the same peo­ple. There are a few design­ers that I do post about more than oth­ers but that’s because they either pro­duce more work or I highly respect them.

  • nerdski says

    I can’t wait for this movie.

  • I love the type on the 6th line of objects, I won­der if there’s any other sub­tle mes­sages in there?…

  • hyungjin says