Limited Edition 2010 Letterpress Calendar


I have a thing for well-designed cal­en­dars and let­ter­press print­ing, so this year I tried to com­bine the two into a sin­gle project.

Now avail­able to order is this Lim­ited Edi­tion 2010 Let­ter­press Cal­en­dar. The print fea­tures a cal­en­dar with the year printed in Eng­lish, Ital­ian, French and Ger­man. The 2010, the days of the week, and the edi­tion num­ber line are all printed blind, and of course, the type is set in Hel­vetica. Each print is num­bered and signed.

The size of the cal­en­dar is 16.5″ x 23.5″ (A2) and printed on Crane Let­tra Flu­o­res­cent White 110# (300gsm) paper, which is spe­cially made for let­ter­press. The qual­ity of the paper is superb and gives the print an extra spe­cial feel to it.

The print­ing was done by the fab­u­lous Coeur Noir of Brook­lyn, NY. I used these guys for my son’s bap­tism invites and they also printed all the Hel­vetica Film posters, as well as the Objec­ti­fied poster. They sim­ply rock.

This run is very lim­ited, only 50 prints were made, so order one now for $70. You can check out more detailed pho­tos here.

If you’re look­ing for an afford­able fram­ing option, I rec­om­mend pick­ing up a good-looking, but inex­pen­sive, IKEA Ribba Frame (19.75″ x 27.5″) and have a cus­tom matte cut to fit it. This setup will run you less than $50.        

5 Comments on "Limited Edition 2010 Letterpress Calendar"

  • I received one of the Objec­ti­fied prints printed by Coeur Noir and they were beau­ti­fully done. So I am sure these will be well worth it.

  • tanya says

    sim­ple. beautiful.

  • very nice man. I love the opti­miza­tion and bal­ance of ink and deboss

  • Andrew says

    Great work. Let­ter­press rules in a MONDO way

  • Very nice design. Wish it said “Twenty-Ten” for the year.