Josef Müller-Brockmann Flickr Group


I’ve been mean­ing to set up a Brock­mann Flickr group for some time now. I’m glad some­one finally put one together. It’s still very new, only 10 mem­bers, but it will grow to be an excel­lent pool of Brockmann’s work. Please add if you have anything.        

5 Comments on "Josef Müller-Brockmann Flickr Group"

  • Grant says

    Brock­mann is great. I love his book grid sys­tems. And that prison orange is unmistakable.

  • pat taylor says

    This is one of the giants of our pro­fes­sion!
    This is not one of my favs., but still in taste of Brock­mann. Hope to see more.

  • greg says

    Thanks for fea­tur­ing the group, Antonio!

    We’re up to over 200 mem­bers now, no doubt largely due to your post here.

  • Thanks, look­ing for­ward to com­ing back here!!

  • Thanks! Look­ing for­ward to com­ing back soon!!