17 Comments on "Barbican Identity Guidelines"

  • glad to see you post­ing my submission.

  • Oh man I totally for­got that you sent that in. It’s been a while.

  • no prob­lem, keep post­ing good stuff.

  • Wow, this is really impres­sive stuff. I wish we got brand guide­lines like this through from clients :(

  • Sushil says
  • seen and held a copy of this book

  • Michael says

    Wow, what a nice look­ing book!

  • As the per­son who com­mis­sioned this book (I am Head of Mar­ket­ing for the Bar­bi­can) I am glad you like our brand and the guide­lines book.

    North did a fan­tas­tic job.


  • I am cur­rently using this brand book at work and it never fails to get me hyped up, I can never get enough of beau­ti­ful fat futura. North are tooooo good, the bar­bi­can iden­tity as a whole is def­i­nitely right up there in my favorite brands.

  • johno says

    Gor­geous. Would love to get my hands on a copy.

  • I am lucky enough to have a copy myself. North do iden­ti­ties beau­ti­fully. The pro­duc­tion of this is great, love the stark black and white and then the colour exam­ples at the back. It is a shame most com­pa­nies seem to be opt­ing for PDF ver­sions of guide­lines rather than print ones, although I do under­stand that they are more prac­ti­cal as they can be updated and cost less to produce.

  • Greg says

    Great post. And thanks for the down­load. What a great piece of work.

  • Kelvin says

    Use of Futura reminds me of 8vo’s iden­tity for the Stedelijk.

  • Kelvin says

    Ooops, my mem­ory fails me, it was for Boy­mans — van Beunin­gen museum .
    Good stuff anyway.

  • The stock is really nice too. Just a lovely book

  • Brian says

    well, some­one owns ‘grid sys­tems’. highly deriv­a­tive, but lovely nonetheless.

  • aj foreman says

    the lay­out is magnificent!

    ques­tion, what’s the name of the paper i’am seeing?