19 thoughts on “Barbican Identity Guidelines

  1. As the person who commissioned this book (I am Head of Marketing for the Barbican) I am glad you like our brand and the guidelines book.

    North did a fantastic job.


  2. I am currently using this brand book at work and it never fails to get me hyped up, I can never get enough of beautiful fat futura. North are tooooo good, the barbican identity as a whole is definitely right up there in my favorite brands.

  3. I am lucky enough to have a copy myself. North do identities beautifully. The production of this is great, love the stark black and white and then the colour examples at the back. It is a shame most companies seem to be opting for PDF versions of guidelines rather than print ones, although I do understand that they are more practical as they can be updated and cost less to produce.

  4. well, someone owns ‘grid systems’. highly derivative, but lovely nonetheless.

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