Brooklyn Fare

Brooklyn Fare

Mucca Design has created a stunning package design for Brooklyn based gourmet store, Brooklyn Fare. The branding features a proprietary typeface by Mucca called Fare Serif that is used everywhere and a 4 color system. Another aspect of the minimalist branding that I love is the edgy, humorous tone of the copy.

You can see more of this project on the Mucca newsletters as well as the Eat Me Daily blog.


4 Comments on "Brooklyn Fare"

  • Andrew says

    this is absolutely beautiful. like you said, great from both the design view and the copy view.

  • fantastic! great work!

  • Zoe says

    This is great! As are Mucca’s other projects. I love those coffee cups!

  • Has nobody seen Eat in the uk? This is completly ripped off!