6 thoughts on “Design—ed by Ed Watt

  1. I like it. It demonstrates the power of simplicity. Grid+Helveitca+B&W.

    This is the kind of design that people look at, and think, ‘that’s so simple; I could do that.’ Well, try.

  2. Although I understand how he’s tried to tie it in with the production I don’t think it’s a particularly effective piece of graphic communication, which in my opinion is far more important than another exercise in Grid+Helveitca+B&W.

    Without reading the side description on his site – only the flyer – it struck me as bland and rather like the many minimal Helvetica pieces I’ve seen before. Only once I’d read the description did I understand the point in the B/W simplicity, will people only realise after going to the production? The message isn’t being put across well and this is why I’m not all that impressed.

    http://www.ollymoss.com/ produces what I would call gorgeous, simple communication. But I don’t expect everyone to be that good, imo Ed has some much better work than the one chosen above 🙂

  3. It’s all subjective really. Personally I think the Olly Moss work is nice but I prefer this design by Ed. It’s type of aesthetics that I connect with. To me it’s very affective. Always subjective of course. But, I think we can all agree that Ed Watt is a talented designer, which is the point of this post.

  4. For me it’s about charm. I find this particular piece completely charmless. Like OneOneOne says it doesn’t communicate much and what it does communicate is done in a cold/minimalist approach which only suits other designers.

    No offense…

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