Inge Ketelers


I’m absolutely loving the work of Belgian graphic designer, Inge Ketelers. Ultra simple and clean. Minimalism in its purest form. No distracting elements, just well composed text and images. I wish more design was like this, back to the basics. It’s refreshing to see such design being created, a nice departure from the mind-numbing Photoshop gradients and lens flares.        

8 thoughts on “Inge Ketelers

  1. I very much agree! Or as advertisers say in my town (Gävle 170 k north of Stockholm), – Can we ad more stuff in that space? A swoosch perhaps!?

  2. The most important tool in a graphic designer’s toolbox is white space.

    Bigger! Brighter! Bolder! should have no place in graphic design.

  3. Magnus….

    ‘Can we ad more stuff in that space? A swoosch perhaps!?’
    I think this is a re-occurring nightmare for many designers!

  4. amazing.. i agree, this is design in its purest form. simplified simplicity… very inspiring. Bookmarked!

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