Das Erbe der Schweiz


Das Erbe der Schweiz (The heritage of Switzerland) is a sexy new poster by the super talented Xavier Encinas to celebrate the second anniversary of his blog Swiss Legacy. This poster honors the legendary designers that pioneered “International Typographic Style” which include: Ernst Keller, Theo Ballmer, Jan Tschichold, Herbert Matter, Max Bill, Emil Ruder, Josef Muller-Brockmann, Paul Rand, Max Huber, Otto Aicher, Armin Hofmann, Adrian Frutiger, Wim Crouwel and Karl Gerstner.

Offset Litho
PMS 877 C
148 gsm
Pacesetter Matte Text FSC Mixed
Printed in Canada by Hemlock

Edition of 100 only.
Each poster comes with a certificate of authenticity.

You can purchase it here for 50€.        

10 thoughts on “Das Erbe der Schweiz

  1. There is no distinct value in this poster. The design is neither a breakthrough of the swiss typographic guidelines nor is the presentation of the poster original.

    i wish there were more critical discussions here then just mere plugs of invaluable design of friends.

  2. Felix, thanks for commenting. I think you’re off in two areas.

    1. I don’t just post work done by friends. It always has to be good work, no matter who you are.

    2. This poster isn’t meant to be a breakthrough in Swiss design, just a homage to it which it accomplishes. I also disagree with you that the poster has no value. I think Xavier did an excellent job by using the dates of the lives of the legendary designers. It’s a nice simple concept.

    I always love discussion on here so your comment is very welcomed. I post work that I think is inspirational to me and would be to the readers of this site. I then leave it up to the readers to be critical of it. I’m sometimes critical of the work I post, just the other day I commented on the Anyone Can Swiss site and a good discussion came out of it, but for the most part I don’t post work that I think is bad.

    By the way, I’ve had your site bookmarked for quite sometime and I’ve been meaning to post about your lovely calendar.

  3. hello antonio,

    you might be right.

    perhaps i am just looking for a more critical dialogue between the ‘blogger’, the ‘reader’ and their commentaries, where there is a deconstruction of the rationale, motivation and destination of these work that are posted.

    i have a question: would you categorize this poster as a piece of design or a piece of art?

  4. I have to partially agree with Felix on this one, yet I appreciate Antonio’s intentions. This kind of goes back to our last discussion; this poster makes a nod to modernism, but only because it uses Helvetica and a heck of a lot of whitespace. I was trying to consider this design without the glossy finish, would it still carry it’s intention? To me, it doesn’t really communicate anything visually or typographically. I don’t think the pioneers would approve.

  5. Très jolie le travail de Xavier Encinas.
    L’équilibre de la typo, la place laissée à celle-ci, l’équilibre et l’esthétisme.
    Tout est au rendez-vous!

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