Nike Euro 2008


Amaz­ing set of 16 lim­ited edi­tion t-shirts for Nike by Steve Rura. Each shirt rep­re­sents a coun­try that qual­i­fied for the 2008 Euro Soc­cer Tour­na­ment. I how do I get these cause I want them all.        

13 Comments on "Nike Euro 2008"

  • MP says

    I really like that Ger­many t-shirt, but I am biased.…Deutschland vor! :)

  • Antonio says

    The Italy one isn’t so great which is a bummer.

  • Nitzan says

    any luck with find­ing leads on how to get those?

  • Ryan Y. says

    Seems to be a great demand for these but no one knows where to get them. Ive got a soft spot for the hol­land & spain tops.

  • Nitzan says

    googling yielded no results.

    I would put my money on one of those online retail­ers for ltd editions/famous brands.

  • An effec­tive use of sim­plic­ity, and they’re play­ful too. These are beautiful!

  • Antonio says

    I betcha they’re only sell­ing these at the games.

  • MP says

    That might be true Anto­nio, I might have to get an Aus­trian buddy to pick one up.


  • so great!

  • Steve R says

    Hi every­one,

    First of all, thanks for the post­ing! I’m happy peo­ple are show­ing a lot of inter­est in the shirts. I’ve got­ten a lot of emails ask­ing where to buy them, and unfor­tu­nately, they are not cur­rently for sale. Nike printed a very lim­ited run, and is using them only for gifts to ath­letes and other indi­vid­u­als involved with Nike Football.

    I put them up on my web­site to see if there was pub­lic inter­est, hop­ing they would print more and sell them. So far, I haven’t heard any­thing back from Nike. With the tour­na­ment almost over, I’m not hold­ing my breath.

    I’ll update this post if any­thing changes.

    Thanks again!

  • Steve.

    Your work is really great – espe­cially the Nike T’s. I know you said your not hold­ing your breath, but it would be great to push on in try­ing to have them printed – so many peo­ple want them. Any­thing all of us could do to help?

  • MP says

    Wow Steve, that’s a bum­mer. I won­der if there is any­way we can sug­gest another print run to Nike? Does Nike have a sug­ges­tion box? :) At any rate, those are lovely designs.


  • Antonio says

    Steve, thanks for the update and awe­some work man. Maybe you can con­vince Nike to do a small run for the design com­mu­nity see­ing that we’re prob­a­bly more inter­ested in these shirts than the actu­ally fans.