14 thoughts on “50 Designers’ Current Favourite Typefaces

  1. I like the concept of the book
    But I DO DISlike the fact that omits all information regarding each-one of the typefaces in the book (not a name on it).

  2. Antonio,
    I asked the designer -James West- yesterday via email, and he said the book does not have that type/name/foundry information. He mention “personal” preferences for that,He said -out of the record-: “I didn’t want it to end up looking like a type specimen book, but instead more of a visual representation of what is liked type-wise rather than just a list.”

    He was very kind and of course respecting his awesome initiative is always first in my opinion.

    But yeah, I had to express my dissent in regards to this “solution”.

  3. PS: I ordered 2 books regardless, which probably will have some hand written research on the bak of each page.

  4. Maria, I agree that it would have been better to include the name of the face and the foundry but I bought two copies as well since it’s a great initiative.

  5. Dear Antonio,
    SO I got the book today (after a couple of months).
    I was wondering if you would leave some sort of entry in your blog dedicated to finding this book’s showcased typefaces. A mini blog?
    Let’s unite to make this book useful on the user end.

  6. Maria, I still haven’t received mine, thanks for reminding me. But I can definitely set up a list and we can populate it as we find the faces. Since you have the book already do you ming putting together a list of the designers in the book and emailing it to me? That way I can get started with formating the list.

  7. Maria, thanks. I sent James an email to make sure he’s cool with us doing this. Hopefully it gets some attention and James ends up selling more books. It would also be a nice resource for designers.

  8. Has anyone in the States received their copy of the book yet? I only ask because it’s been several months since I paid for mine and my mailbox is getting kinda lonely. :^(

  9. Thanks. I sent them an email last night. Hopefully I’ll get a response. I’m brimming with excited anticipation over receiving the book!

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