Nice Hel­vetica poster by designer Sean Rees. I love how the word “love” is inter­twined with the word “Hel­vetica”. Clever.        

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  • Ryan says

    Ooh that is nice, I won­der if you could buy a copy?

  • Very nice. I’ve always enjoyed the sim­il­iar­ity Hel­vetica has with the Swedish word for ‘hell’ — ‘helvete’ — and this is a bril­liant take on the idea.

  • Sean says


    Thank you for the link Anto­nio! I’ve been a long-time reader of AisleOne, it’s an honor to be posted! : )

    @ Ryan, I’m afraid this was a very lim­ited print-run, how­ever I’m con­sid­er­ing print­ing some more… I will let you know if I do, thank you for your interest!


  • Glenn says

    Go on Sean! I’ll buy one 😀

  • Iain says

    i love his tea/coffee self ini­ti­ated project too. Great stuff.

  • Sean says

    I’ve had a cou­ple of emails enquir­ing about the Love/Hate poster, which has made me think harder about get­ting some more printed! If any­body else is inter­ested, please ping me an email and I’ll let you know when it’s done…

    @ Ian, thank you very much for the kind words, I’ve been think­ing of get­ting some Tea/Coffee mugs made, maybe with heat sen­si­tive ink so when you’ve got a nice hot cuppa it’s blank, but when you’ve drank it and it goes cold, the mark re-appears and it’s time for another round of Tea/Coffee… Will see what cost­ings are ; )

  • Iain says

    Regard­ing the Tea Cof­fee: I’m sure most of my stu­dio mates will go ape shit for that! Pan­tone mugs are so 2007! :)

  • jejeje very good

  • michael says

    Hi there,
    I have to say, I miss being able to sim­ply scroll down the page to quickly see what posts I have missed. Not a big deal when I keep up every day, but more often than not I go a few days between look­ing at AisleOne. A minor gripe, indeed… because the site does look nice! Cheers

  • Antonio says

    Michael, that was one of the things I had to sac­ri­fice with this design. You can still see the last 10 posts in the footer area under Recent Posts. I’m also try­ing to fig­ure out how to add a pre­vi­ous but­ton to the home­page so you can nav­i­gate to older posts.

  • Antonio says

    Awe­some work with the poster. You can add my name to the list of peo­ple who would pur­chase it. Maybe a small lim­ited run would be nice.

  • Great work and very clever, you deserve to do well with the next edi­tion of prints!

  • Fubiz says

    Just beau­ti­ful !

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