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Branding A Baptism

baptism.jpg I designed this invitation, RSVP card and table card for my sons baptism. The overall color theme of the party is black & white so I wanted to keep this consistent throughout. I also wanted to use a single typeface for everything, in this case I went with Lubalin Graph. It's used on ever piece: invitation, RSVP card, envelope, RSVP envelope and even extends to the number cards that will be on each table, which will be mounted in simple black frames. The invite and RSVP card were letterpress by Coeur Noir in Brooklyn, NY, who did an amazing job. These are the same guys that printed up some stuff for the Helvetica Film, including this gorgeous poster by Norm. For the stock I went with white Rising Museum Board. I wanted a really heavy stock and this ended up being perfect. The board even has a nice texture to it. For the envelopes I went to Kate's Paperie and found some gorgeous high quality envelopes that are lined and have a nice diagonal line texture. They also printed my address on the back of the main envelope and on the front of the RSVP envelope. They didn't have the Lubalin Graph font in house so I had to lay it out myself and send over the files. They came out perfect. The entire set looks amazing and I'm really happy with how it all came out. If anyone would like a set let me know and I'll send it out if I have any left over.        

26 Comments on "Branding A Baptism"

  • Love it. Absolutely won­der­ful. If you have any “left overs” and you would be so kind and send it all the way to Swe­den I would love to have one. =) Just men­tion it and I’ll send you my adress.


  • Antonio says

    Mag­nus thanks. If I have any left over I will def­i­nitely send one to you.

  • nice work, I cant wait to design the invites to my sons bap­tism, that is to say if I ever get mar­ried and have chil­dren :) I wouldn’t mind a copy if you do have any extras, I am only in Cal­i­for­nia, not to far.

  • Joey says

    I’d love any of those pieces, they all look so nice! Love the let­ter­press work, too!

  • jefflo says

    great work. i’d love to feel the tex­ture of the stock.

    let me know if there are any left­overs too!

  • Won­der­ful work, Anto­nio. Thanks for let­ting us see, and I hope the bap­tism goes well.

  • These are really nice. I, also love the let­ter­press. I’d love one if you have any still.

  • Cool, I love the RSVP card

  • Yeh, um… you know you could have just gone to Snappy Snaps or Pronto Print and got it done a lot quicker and cheaper!?

  • songwei says

    Lovely design, great for graphic design stu­dents like me to learn and admire. please send me a copy if you have some left. Thanks.

  • Antonio says

    @Chocolate Rain
    Why do you assume it took long to print and that it cost a lot? No fran­chise printer could do such nice work as this. I don’t even know what the hell Snappy Snaps is.

  • Joey says

    Haha­haha. I might fall over and die if I ever saw some cheap place pro­duce some­thing this nice. I imag­ine this prob­a­bly did cost quite a bit (with the let­ter­press and all…), am I right Antonio?

  • boringvision says

    for my first com­ment i haven’t words!

    all the best.

    (amaz­ing work!!)

  • that’s nice.…very nice:)

  • Antonio says

    Thank you all for the kind words. For every­one who’s asked for a copy, I’m going to mail out the invites to fam­ily and friends very soon. If there are any left over, which there should be, I’ll send them out to you guys.

  • bobbygrotesk says

    Hook me up Antonio!

    They are the nice­ness, excel­lent use of Lubalin Graph.

  • Anto­nio, you’ve done a fan­tas­tic job with these, they are quite beau­ti­ful. Best of luck with everything!

    Let me know if you have any left­overs, I’d love to get a set.

  • mikegumpjr says


  • ksuji says

    It may be cheaper/faster go to with “Snappy snaps” or “Pronto Print”, but I can’t imag­ine it being fast or cheap since they are over the pond in U.K.!

  • Chocolate Rain says

    The snappy snaps/pronto print thing was meant to be an ironic joke.
    I was just so impressed with the time and effort Anto­nio
    put into this invite, that my warped sense of humour drove me to sug­gest that he was mad not just get­ting a cheap arsed print­ers to do it, but I guess it was taken to be a seri­ous comment.

    Any­way sorry for the con­fu­sion, nice job though.

  • Renato says

    Very nice, Anto­nio. And seri­ously… Snappy Snaps? This is qual­ity over quan­tity and I for one am always very happy to pay more for a bet­ter prod­uct. And besides, this is a non-issue. It’s about a baby :D

  • Antonio says

    @Chocolate Rain
    No prob­lem man. Sar­casm gets eas­ily lost on the internet.

  • Antonio says

    @ bob­by­grotesk
    Lubalin worked very well for this project. I’ve always wanted to use it for some­thing and this seemed to be the per­fect oppor­tu­nity. The face feels very con­tem­po­rary but the ser­ifs give it a nice tra­di­tional feel as well. I actu­ally went in and kerned every sin­gle word to get every­thing to be perfect.

  • Joram Oudenaarde says

    I’m a bit late with a response, but that’s an absolutely lovely set! Reminds me of the Absara font :)

    I’m all the way in Hol­land, but if you still have any left­overs I’d love to have a set! Of course I’m happy to pay for ship­ping, or maybe you need some­thing from Hol­land… we could setup a trade in that case. :)

  • so nice , some lovely cards..

  • cmykinky says

    These are beau­ti­fully done, I’d love to do some­thing like this, but I’m far too young to be hav­ing kids.. any­ways, I know this is a year old post, but if for some rea­son you’ve still got any­thing left over from this, I would really, really appre­ci­ate a copy.