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A_B_ Peace & Terror

abpeace.jpg Another gorgeous poster by Peter Crnokrak, AKA Plus Minus. Instead of me trying to explain it, below is an excerpt from Peter. The poster is available from Design Supremo. A_B_… is a geopolitical survey of the 192 member states of the United Nations with regard to the quantitative degree to which each contributes to peace and terror in the world. The project is a dual-sided poster where the A_ side displays measures of peace, while the B_ side, measures of terror. For each of the A_B_ measures, the graph is divided into 3 rings (3 separate indexes for peace and 3 separate indexes for terror) that are themselves individual quantitative measures obtained from researchers working in the field of geopolitics. The quantitative variation for the peace and terror measures is represented as variation in line thickness: thin line=low value, thick line=high value. A_B_… is a functional information design piece that uses computational aesthetic principles to compare complex and socially relevant data. The dual-sided overlay of the two graphs allows for a direct visual comparison of the peace and terror measures. The functional nature of the poster becomes poignantly relevant when one makes detailed comparisons across nations for the various measures—many of the results are quite surprising and stand in contrast to prevailing norms of collective national perception. A_B_… is a limited edition of 20 dual-sided posters screen printed by K2 Screen London. The A_ side is printed verso in metallic graphite ink while the B_ side is printed recto in pearlescent white ink on GFSmith 180 gsm Transclear paper.        

5 Comments on "A_B_ Peace & Terror"

  • Richard says
  • I don’t know why I’m leav­ing a com­ment, see­ing as how I’m left speech­less by this poster. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

  • uhs…awesome thing

  • Maria says

    Great piece of work. I would love to actu­ally be able to read it, so the infor­ma­tion is truly clear. I like how nice look­ing it is, entic­ing peo­ple to get the very rel­e­vant info. Design­ers should do one of these pieces once a year and then distribute…Design can be a tool for social change.

  • Anand says

    That thing is glo­ri­ous! Me likey.