A_B_ Peace & Terror


Another gor­geous poster by Peter Crnokrak, AKA Plus Minus. Instead of me try­ing to explain it, below is an excerpt from Peter. The poster is avail­able from Design Supremo.

A_B_… is a geopo­lit­i­cal sur­vey of the 192 mem­ber states of the United Nations with regard to the quan­ti­ta­tive degree to which each con­tributes to peace and ter­ror in the world. The project is a dual-sided poster where the A_ side dis­plays mea­sures of peace, while the B_ side, mea­sures of ter­ror. For each of the A_B_ mea­sures, the graph is divided into 3 rings (3 sep­a­rate indexes for peace and 3 sep­a­rate indexes for ter­ror) that are them­selves indi­vid­ual quan­ti­ta­tive mea­sures obtained from researchers work­ing in the field of geopol­i­tics. The quan­ti­ta­tive vari­a­tion for the peace and ter­ror mea­sures is rep­re­sented as vari­a­tion in line thick­ness: thin line=low value, thick line=high value.

A_B_… is a func­tional infor­ma­tion design piece that uses com­pu­ta­tional aes­thetic prin­ci­ples to com­pare com­plex and socially rel­e­vant data. The dual-sided over­lay of the two graphs allows for a direct visual com­par­i­son of the peace and ter­ror mea­sures. The func­tional nature of the poster becomes poignantly rel­e­vant when one makes detailed com­par­isons across nations for the var­i­ous mea­sures — many of the results are quite sur­pris­ing and stand in con­trast to pre­vail­ing norms of col­lec­tive national perception.

A_B_… is a lim­ited edi­tion of 20 dual-sided posters screen printed by K2 Screen Lon­don. The A_ side is printed verso in metal­lic graphite ink while the B_ side is printed recto in pearles­cent white ink on GFSmith 180 gsm Tran­sclear paper.        

5 Comments on "A_B_ Peace & Terror"

  • Richard says
  • I don’t know why I’m leav­ing a com­ment, see­ing as how I’m left speech­less by this poster. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

  • uhs…awesome thing

  • Maria says

    Great piece of work. I would love to actu­ally be able to read it, so the infor­ma­tion is truly clear. I like how nice look­ing it is, entic­ing peo­ple to get the very rel­e­vant info. Design­ers should do one of these pieces once a year and then distribute…Design can be a tool for social change.

  • Anand says

    That thing is glo­ri­ous! Me likey.