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A Redesign is a Comin'

redesign.jpg UPDATE I just flipped the switch and moved everything over so it should all be done. Let me know if you find anything that looks weird, especially those of you on a PC. Enjoy. Yup... again. I'm starting to grow out of this current design. I need something more flexible with more real estate for the posts and for side widgets. Better typography and usability as well. You'll notice that I've also begun to prepare the most recent posts to work with the new design. I'm setting some visual standards. A slight change in how I write out the headlines. Previously I use to capitalize all the words in a title including "a", "the", "of", "is", "on" and so on. Now I'm using a form of Title Casing where the first and last words in the title are capitalized as well as any word four or more letters. I'm also setting an image height of 700px for consistency. You'll see what I mean when I launch the new design. It's pretty much done, I'm just making some final tweaks and I'll probably flip the switch tomorrow evening. I hope you guys dig it.        

46 Comments on "A Redesign is a Comin'"

  • Joey says

    Such a tease…

    Look­ing for­ward to it, though.

  • Dan says

    Very sneaky giv­ing us a lit­tle pre­view just to entice us. Well, it worked for me!

  • Glenn says

    Man, can’t wait! Come on Anto­nio let’s see it ;)

  • Kara says

    I’m look­ing for­ward to see­ing it!!

  • Nikolay says

    Look­ing good from the tiny thingy there!
    Good luck with the change Antonio.

  • It’s nice to have friends in high places
    What­ever that means… ;)

  • johno says

    Look­ing for­ward to the redesign. Any chance of a pri­vate viewing?

  • josh says

    can’t wait to see it. Oddly enough i had a bit of insom­nia last night and went back through your posts for as long long time, i think i maxed out at 95 pages or so before i needed to sleep or pass out, one of the 2.

    Noticed the posts as it pro­gressed when you would men­tion a new design, but mind it kind of erie how it men­tions change, but since it changes your entire blog, just a weird obser­va­tion. along with a sleepy ramble.

    but back to the point, i’m sure it’ll look great look for­ward to the switch flip­ping. i’ve been try­ing to start my own blog on things that visual inter­est me but am hav­ing a lot of trou­ble com­ing up with a name i want grow out of too fast.

  • tease — very excit­ing — can’t wait

    Will there be some pro­mo­tional badges soon? I would love to buy one with the logo printed on…

  • Antonio says

    Sarah, do you mean a pin?

  • d. says

    Hi Anto­nio, I luu­uuv your blog. i’ve been check­ing out Mar­ber, Word­Press, etc, and I still won­der how you do it. Any handy tuto­ri­als you may know?

  • Hello Anto­nio — yeh a pin/button badge?

    I’d be inter­ested for sure.

  • Kaitlin says

    I’m all a-twitter with anticipation.

  • Any thoughts to give the old theme up for oth­ers to use?

  • josh says

    looks good, excited as well to see how it fills up as you ad more, if it’s always 2 up at a time and then they shift down and over as they go or how it will works. Def­i­nitely like the big­ger images, and the wider design since i run a huge res­o­lu­tion it’s nice to take up some more of that space.

    Gets me in the mood to work on mine if i can just get the name of it

  • michael says

    hey nice job!

  • Antonio says

    Damn you guys are quick! I’m port­ing over all the wid­gets and plu­g­ins so bare with me for a few min­utes. Also surf around and see if you find any­thing out of wack. I already see that the com­ments look funky. I’ll fix that. You’ll notice a lit­tle but­ton at the top right labels Open Nav­i­ga­tion. Check that out.

  • Anto­nio nice to see it in action. Well done mate :)
    Are you think­ing of inte­grat­ing a drop-down / accor­dion for the links at the bottom?

  • Antonio says

    David, thanks. No I’m going to keep it opened.

  • Joey says

    Lookin’ good, Anto­nio! Though I have to say the extra let­ter spac­ing in the menu is kind of irritating.

  • Antonio says

    Joey thanks. The let­terspac­ing on the nav is set to .1em which is not much at all. I spaced them out a tiny bit just to make it more legible.

  • Angelo says

    I’m not a big fan of the huge num­bers to the right and the long list of links below, but except for those two annoy­ances, it’s a ter­rific clean design :)

  • Bebsy says

    Your site has been a grower with me ini­tially not too sure but then after a week or so it becomes like a com­fo­rat­bel pair of slippers.

  • Nicola says

    Sorry Anto­nio, i pre­fer the old one.

  • Antonio says

    I had the same issue so I’ve made adjust­ments to both.

    Glad you enjoy the site and thanks for reading.

    No prob­lem. We all have our likes and dis­likes. I hope it doesn’t keep you from vis­it­ing the site.

  • Mo. says

    I came to get inspired as usu­ally and saw that the inter­face changed. I was pretty excited as it looks great. Love the drop down menu. But when I started my researched I couldn’t fig­ure out how to find the pieces i loved. Too many things hap­pen­ing. don’t know where to look. I’ll have to go some­where else until I fig­ure it out. Sorry. Thought you should know…

  • Antonio says

    Mo thanks. All the con­tent is all there, noth­ing is miss­ing. You can eas­ily use the search tool or find arti­cles through the archive, cat­e­gories and tags. What exactly are you look­ing for?

  • Mo. says

    I’m look­ing for some of the card design you had. Such as Sub­stance. I’m start­ing to fig­ure it out a bit but I liked the fact the you could some sev­eral design at once. It would enable one to com­pare things. I have to say though the lay­out is beau­ti­ful. I might just need more time to get used to it. Per­haps less scrolling?

  • Nicola says

    I’ll keep vis­it­ing this site Anto­nio, con­tents are unbelievable!

  • Glenn says

    Great job Anto­nio! Looks like I’m going to have to crank things up a notch at FFF. Everyone’s bring­ing out a reskin at the moment. Look­ing for­ward to see­ing Emil’s attempt at TypeNeu!

    Well done mate.

  • Angelo says

    Looks like even Grafik­cache is get­ting an update

  • Bob says

    Hey Anto­nio,

    Good stuff!
    Seems like every­one is re-designing!


  • James says

    really nice. it’s good to keep things fresh. thanks for tak­ing the time.

  • Ryan says

    hmm, I think I may pre­fer the pre­vi­ous design to this… will have a bet­ter look about…

  • Antonio says

    Thanks every­one.

  • MP says

    The new lay­out is start­ing to grow on me. I really dig the drop down nav­i­ga­tion bar on your home page. Any chance of you adding a colophon, like on your old ver­sion? It was a nice touch, and a good resource.


  • Antonio says

    MP, the colophon is in the drop down.

  • MP says

    Bril­liant! So I went over to view the Hem­ing­way Tem­plate, I have to say I think you’re putting the lay­out to bet­ter use than the down­load site. :) Good form.


  • Re-design looks excel­lent! Well done. Love the use of white­space and greys mixed with slab-like black. You clearly know quite a bit about good, swiss design :)

  • Matthew says

    Nice design ele­ments, but I’m not sure about the hier­ar­chy. Hav­ing two posts side-by-side with equal weight is a depar­ture from what we see on the web, and it’s a bit disorienting.

    I also don’t under­stand the two sep­a­rate nav­i­ga­tion sec­tions (top and bottom).

    Great typog­ra­phy, although I think that the big num­bers to the right of com­ments are unnec­es­sary and distracting.

    Thanks for cre­at­ing such a won­der­ful resource, by the way.

  • James says

    every­ones a critic! lets face it’s way bet­ter, in look and con­tent than most design blogs, no need to pick holes in the details.

  • Aaron says

    Anto­nio, the new design is def­i­nitely neater. I just wish you had a “next” and “pre­vi­ous” but­ton back on. Makes brows­ing so much eas­ier than going through the archives section

  • Antonio says

    Aaron, there is a next and pre­vi­ous but it’s on the sin­gle post page, not the home­page. You’ll find it to the left of the arti­cle under About This Entry. I’m try­ing to fig­ure out how to get it on the home­page as well.

  • I like it very much.

  • Alexey says

    Thanks, redesign very well, but I lacked “next” and “pre­vi­ous” nav­i­ga­tion on the home­page. And links are not vis­i­ble. Maybe another color or bold.

  • sr says

    dis­like it, it was bet­ter when you could see more than 2 posts at a time before.. and there are menus all over the place, still cant digest this..