Happy Holidays From AisleOne


I want to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays and I want to thank all of you for your support over the past year. It’s a real honor.

I’m going to take a much needed vacation, so for the next two weeks I won’t be posting much. I’ll probably post something here and there but I won’t be back in full swing until January 5th. I have many goodies planned for the new year. Until then, enjoy yourselves.


15 Comments on "Happy Holidays From AisleOne"

  • Joey says

    Thanks for keeping this blog updated and full of inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, I love the “Happy Holidays” design you did for this post.

    Hope you have a great Christmas Antonio!

  • That Happy Holidays graphic would make great giftwrap!

  • MP says

    Thanks Antonio! It’s been great seeing you put forth such good content. Truly an inspiration.

    Merry Christmas,


  • daniel says

    Nice work 🙂

    I wish you a great time, too. Merry Christmas!


  • Joey says

    I’m going to second the idea of making the “Happy Holidays” graphic into wrapping paper. I’d buy it!

  • josh says

    Happy holidays to you as well!

    I got my grid notebooks in the mail yesterday (still can’t believe I won) and wanted to say a big thanks on that!

    WHat typeface did you use above? I really dig the “d” and the “y” in it.

  • SG says

    Happy Holidays from Germany, too!
    And thanks so much for posting at such a level of quality – constantly! 🙂

  • Antonio says

    Thanks everyone!

    Josh, the typeface used in Lubalin Graph.

  • Rob says

    Thanks for all your great work putting this site together — it’s really a pleasure to experience every day! I hope your holiday is a nice one. I’ll be looking forward to reading many more AisleOne posts in 2009!

  • d. says

    Thanks for a great website.

    Felicidades from Ecuador.


  • michael says

    Have a great new year, Antonio… look forward to many more of your inspirational posts! Cheers!

  • Hope you have a good break Antonio.
    All the best for the New Year.


  • M2 says

    Happy Holidays + look forward to read new articles in 2009.

  • Boringvision says

    Happy holidays.


  • happy holidays with a lot of inspiration