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I’m big on books, not only for their aesthetic value but also for their educational value. Duuuuhhhhh!!!!!

Anyway, it think it’s important for any designer to have a good collection of design oriented books from which they can seek inspiration, ideas and knowledge.

So I’ve put together an Amazon store called AisleOne Essentials to act as a single place for all designers to find the most essential books on graphic design, typography and grid systems. These are all “must reads” in my opinion.

The collection will grow over time so keep checking back for the latest books and I also welcome you all to send me suggestions. If you know of a book that should be included please let me know. Thanks.        

19 thoughts on “AisleOne Essentials

  1. I’m reading Graphic Design The New Basics right now… so far so good. Also, 79 Short Essays on Design is brilliant… one of my favorites.

  2. Very good list! I would add:
    – The New Typography (by Jan Tschichold, Robin Kinross (Introduction), Ruari McLean (Translator))
    – Design Writing Research: Essays on Graphic Design and Typography (by Ellen Lupton & J.Abbott Miller)
    – Stop Stealing Sheep and Find Out How Type Works (by Erik Spiekermann and E.M Ginger)
    – First Principles of Typography (by Stanley Morison)
    – De proporties van het boek (Die Proportionen des Buches), (by Jan Tschichold, Amsterdam, 1991) in Dutch.

  3. Wow! Thank you!

    i love Gavin Ambrose collection, i’ve have the three you put here.

    and, I’ve to say, that this blog is very inspirational to me 🙂

    Greetings from Spain!

  4. Hi,
    While i love that you’ve done this because i think it’s a great resource for those of us who look at the multitudes of graphic design books with trepidation, and are unable to choose the best ones to buy, i have a comment about the amazon page.
    i tried to read the comments on one of the books and gave up when my vision was going peculiar from trying to read the small white type on the black background. i don’t know how much say you have over the design of this page, but may i suggest that reading small text with fairly tight leading on a black background is not much fun for the eyes.

    1. Ali, thanks for the feedback. I’ve actually been meaning to fix that. I’m going to make the text a light shade of gray to reduce the contrast and space out the leading.

  5. OMG! Kim´s book has been posted. She has published many other good books. I love her grid books.

    I had her for my type class last year, and going to class was quite ean experience. She is a genious.

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