Monopoly + Helvetica


I love this gorgeous redesign of Monopoly by french designer Florent Guerlain using Helvetica. My favorite board game set in my favorite type face. Paradise.

Check out the rest of the portfolio as well, there is some good stuff in there.

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10 Comments on "Monopoly + Helvetica"

  • Wow, I want it!

  • Andy says

    It really doesn’t do anything for me…the original is still king.

  • joanne says

    not sure if i love the design but the concept is awesome!!

  • Eli says

    “Design” sucks the life out of another classic

  • Antonio says

    Ahh I disagree. I don’t see how the life is sucked out of anything. It’s just a different, fresh approach.

  • Ryan says

    hmm, I agree with Joanne. Good concept, not so sure about the design.

    Feels a bit too cold for me, although it is always good to see a fresh approach.

  • Fubiz says

    Nice idea 🙂

  • Alice says

    Actually, this feels very French to me — reminds me of the classic French card game Milles Borne.

  • Wow, looks great. I’d like to get one!

  • Jesse says

    Bleh, barely resembles a game anymore.

    Took away all the fun.