22 thoughts on “Postmodernist T-Shirt

  1. nice to see something set in Univers (right?) for a change. Gonna get one once they open the US store. Good link.

  2. @Josh
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but I’m not sure what’s the point of insulting someones work. There are nicer ways to express an opinion.

  3. @ Antonio.

    Josh is right. he’s simply saying it looks crap because it does look crap.

    there ARE nicer ways to express an opinion.
    and there are nicer ways of doing post modernism.


  4. @Colm I wish my crap looked like that. And if you think postmodernism (as if it ever could be dfines within graphic design) can be done better by you, put your money where your mouth is. I bet that if it were set in Helvetica you’d have no problem.

  5. Since when did flamtrolls invade this blog? I’m always delighted at the constructive criticism here. Now designs are compared to feces? I’m gonna have to move to fff !

    Too bad their US store is not activated yet. Goodnight! Nice link, will share.

  6. @Nicholas That is exactly why I just ordered one. Fabulous. In my optics, this is a nod to Frutiger, art history and its perception. Postmodernism does not exist and therefore returns in a commercial product. I think people who’ve had some art history can chuckle about this 🙂

  7. i go with josh and colm… no problem with the t-shirt, i just think it’s random whatevers, and i wouldn’t call postmachinas work “super-talented” but that’s another topic… i just feel that everything that is set or presented in helvetica or univers or akzidenz does not deserve this praising and blind worship. because a good work deserves a reason, idea and manners. otherwhise it’s just another hype around trends and it really brings down the understanding of a good work into shallow levels. just by using helvetica/univers/akzidenz or saying that “this work is done with grids” does not automatically give one a status of a “super-talented” designer or make it a really good work. too easy.

  8. They are very talented because they do good work, not because they use Helvetica or Univers. Those typeface are just a plus. Also any good, solid design should use a grid. If a design doesn’t use one then it’s flawed in my opinion.

  9. It’s actually quite good. Decent typography, nice use of grid and univers quirks. Not groundbreaking, but not as bad as some of the ‘expert puritans’ flametroll this post. At least the designer got people talking. And that’s good design.

  10. modernists and postmodernists were “puritans.”
    most designers nowadays claiming/claimed to be or trying to execute work alike modernists are “posers.”

    don’t get me wrong.

  11. Antonio, you’re an absolute retard. Your abhorrent comment about ‘the only good design is when something is designed within a grid’ is the most ridiculous and assinine statement I’ve read regarding design in years. Do us all a favour and get a life. 🙂

  12. @Sam Wow. Talk about rude. If you don’t like something, you’re not obliged to comment. Especially if it’s a nice blog with great works which somebody edits in spare time. All of this because of a shirt which some people like and some people don’t. It’s like discussing Macs/PCs or freakin’ politics. Antonio obvious has a life, with an extensive body of work, unlike some people who apparently have such a great life they have the time to act like designs dictator on blogs. Pathetic.

  13. @Sam

    Hahah! Wow, someone has some personal issue. I’m actually going to leave your first comment because it’s so humorous.

    Again, for anyone willing to insult someone elses work, or opinion for that matter, please direct us to some of your work. We’d love to see it. Especially you Sam.

    In the end it’s just a t-shirt. Some of you are getting all bent out of shape for no reason.

    Also, my comment about grids, I did write that it was just my opinion. I never stated that it was the law of the land, so I don’t understand you’d get so offended by it.

  14. Personally, I was *really* impressed with this design. I thought it hit the nail on the head in a number of ways, communicating a lot about postmodernism in a word … especially retroism, the deconstruction of language, organic connections/relationships, and celebration & decoration. I thought it worked on nearly every level! Granted, I did wonder if it would have been even that much more effective if set in Helvetica, just for cheekiness’ sake, but I would consider this an outstanding design.

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