Don’t Forget Jacqueline Casey

Jacqueline Casey

Usually when people talk about the International Typographic Style, Müller-Brockmann is the first person always mentioned, and rightfully so. He was the master of the style and still is. But one designer that almost never gets mentioned in the same conversation is one of my all-time favorite designers, Jacqueline Casey. It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t get some of the attention because her work is simply magnificent and does an amazing job of representing the style. As of right now, there are no books readily available (unless you can find this super rare book) that catalogue her work so until then this online gallery will have to do.

Eye Magazine has posted a nice little write-up on Casey and how she was the foremost US practitioner of the International Style.        

8 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Jacqueline Casey

  1. Good it be? Just maybe? Because she’s a woman? And try as we might, women still don’t get the recognition in art and design history that they should/could? That seems the conclusion I would draw.

  2. I read that article in Eye mag, and I couldn’t agree more with you, her work is really quite striking.


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