11 thoughts on “Sharebrain Interviews Me

  1. Nice interview, Antonio. Although I have to disagree on that matter that we are ‘just making things look pretty.’ Yes, many take work far too seriously, but I think one of the biggest problems in the representation of design is that our profession is not taken seriously enough as a social influence. Of course we’ll never cure cancer with design, but we sure have the power to make a difference.

  2. Jesse I definitely agree with you on that front but there are many people in the industry that take a simple task like creating a banner ad and overdo it. And I don’t mean in a design sense. It’s more about what happens behind the scenes, all the politics and what not that are involved. I think in the ad industry it’s the worst. I’ve been on simple projects that can done by two people in a few days that have around 10 people with ridiculous titles assigned to it. It can get nuts.

  3. Hi Antonio,
    thx again for answering our questions. For me it was very interesting to read… and i think so it was for our readers too.

    all the best,
    thomas | admin sharebrain

  4. That was a good read Antonio 😉 Mine should be up next week. Cheers again for getting me involved. You’re a legend 😉

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