20 thoughts on “Wine In A Can

  1. As a work of design, it’s excellent. As a work of package design, it’s less than appealing.

    It looks like some sort of air-surface bomb.

  2. As far as being appealing, almost all wine bottles are very very dark. I’m almost positive that the black is being used to preserve the wine. I personally love the shape of it and that alone would get me to buy it. I think that says something right there. It’s about time someone tries something different with the shape of a can.

  3. sexy and modern. loves the curves and minimalist look (and that dash of colors at the bottom) to it.

    great work:)

  4. Nice concept.. I agree, I’m not sure its look advances the combination of this particular packaging with wine, but it’s cool… (It may be better suited for a sports or energy drink.) Perhaps even motor oil… But the packaging doesn’t appear “green” at first glance– either..( I could be wrong). In the 1970s, cities and beaches etc., were filled with those dangerous and hideous pop top metal shards from soda and beer cans. It created a (semi) major environmental mess and public hazard. Seems like a lot of packaging (in the opening mechanism) to get the thing open… even though it looks very cool.

  5. just from the fact that it’s a different kind of design for a wine bottle makes me want to buy it. It looks simple and deadly from its gun metal paint job. It’s modern, chic, and deadly. [it will blow your mind]
    hah this makes me think of metal gear solid.

  6. Looks like a gas bottle (normally yellow or blue). Is the wine sparkling? Do you get a good pop when you open it? Beer tastes different from a can than a bottle. I wonder would wine taste different? Would I drink straight from the can? Maybe if the design shape was upside down and looked more like metal goblet or wine glass. I think this design is aimed to get more men to drink wine? Weaning oneself away from the beer can. Would you guzzle or wip wine from this can?

  7. Dear Mr Carusone,is this a registrated can and if not can it be bought somewhere and used for our own drinks?

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