You Might Be Subscribed To The Wrong RSS Feed

I use this great plugin on this site called FeedSmith which redirects all of my default feeds to my FeedBurner feed. It works well but I just found a bug in Safari. If you click on the blue RSS icon in the address field at the top, the default feed doesn’t get redirected so you end up subscribing to a basic default feed. This is the only instance where I found this problem.

I’m looking into the problem but in the meantime if you’re subscribed to the AisleOne feed could you please double check to see if the feed URL is:

If it isn’t please update it. Thanks.        

2 thoughts on “You Might Be Subscribed To The Wrong RSS Feed

  1. Hey Antonio – if you get into your header template and swap out the default link to the RSS feed (something like ~/rss2.php) for your feedburner address everything should be sweet. Thanks for the great blog – always tasty!

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