Ser-vice Is Good


I’m addicted to t-shirts, especially shirts with sweet-ass designs slapped on them. Lifestyle brand Ser-vice has an excellent line of t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and pillows that feature minimal but beautiful graphic design.        

5 Comments on "Ser-vice Is Good"

  • Ah, do want!

    If only I could justify the steep price tag (+shipping). πŸ™

  • Antonio says

    I actually think the price is reasonable considering the quality of the designs. And shipping in free in the US.

  • There’s no doubt about the quality. But living in Canada means I pay the $11 premium on shipping. Bleh… πŸ™

  • Antonio says

    Ah I see. Maybe it’s worth your while to order more shirts at once. Maybe shipping will be cheaper.

  • gabriel says

    Hey guys. Glad you like the stuff. We actually only ask for shipping on international orders, not US and Canada. We do our best to keep all the costs as low as possible. We do small runs and push our package/details as far as possible. We focus on designers, not the mass public. And yes, the shipping is only charged once, so multiple shirts are more cost effective.