Sorapot – A Simple, Modern Teapot


I don’t post much about industrial design, I will try to more often in the future, but I just had to post about the Sorapot by NY designer Joey Roth. It’s the sexiest damn teapot I’ve ever seen. This is not a typical pot where you fill it with water and throw it on the a flame. The way this works is you open it up, put in tea leaves and just add hot water. For $179 you can add this beauty to your home some time in February 08. I’m sold.        

4 thoughts on “Sorapot – A Simple, Modern Teapot

  1. I believe that this is a tea pot (used for brewing the tea, but not for boiling the water), as opposed to a tea kettle which can be used for boiling water and brewing tea. I discovered this difference when an ex-girlfriend yelled at me for boiling water in a porcelain tea pot.

  2. Oh, also, teapots do not have little whistles on them like kettles.

    But yeah, this thing is gorgeous.

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