The Vignellis

Photo: Dean Kaufman

Great article by New York Magazine on Massimo and Lella Vignelli and their contributions to the world of design. I own an original copy of the 1972 NYC subway map designed by Massimo and I must say it is one of the most well designed pieces I’ve ever seen. It’s functional and beautiful all at once unlike the current map.

In designing the logo for Bloomingdale’s, for instance, they knew they had to deal with a lot of circular shapes: o’s, a B, a d. So they stripped the “feet??? off the letters, and made curves the logo’s main asset.


2 Comments on "The Vignellis"

  • Khairul says

    How does the map look like? Can you post up the visual? Thanks!

  • Antonio says

    I added a link in the post.