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I just finished designing this cover for the Coversourcing competition. If you dig it, head over to the site and vote for my design!

I wanted to do something very simple and clean but with an effective image. The image is from a larger image that I purchased from, and of course, I used Helvetica and a grid system.

Coversourcing is a competition from Random House and Creative Review to design the cover of Crowdsourcing, WIRED editor Jeff Howe’s upcoming book about the new internet revolution driven by the masses.

Unfortunately I just found out that to be eligible, you have to be a resident of the UK or Ireland. That really blows. Not sure why they would limit the competition like this but it was still fun to design to it. Vote anyway, maybe we can change their minds.        

Pentagram 2008 Type Calendar

Pentagram 2008 Typography Calendar

Kit Hinrichs has designed Pentagram’s 2008 Classic Typographic Calendar using twelve typefaces designed by typographer Matthew Carter including Walker (originally designed in 1995 for the Walker Art Center), Snell Roundhand (a 1966 revival of 17th century English writing master Charles Snell) and Galliard (a 1978 anthology of Roman and Italian styles of French punch-cutter Robert Granjon). “I wanted to bring a new awareness of typographic design through this calendar,??? said Hinrichs. “Typefaces are pervasive in our daily lives in everything we read and see around us and yet most people are oblivious of them or the circumstances in which they were created. We can gain a new perspective on our world by studying the origin of typefaces. I hope the calendar will encourage a new sensitivity to the importance of typeface usage and the work of Matthew Carter.???

The calendar is available in two sizes, a supersize 33-by-22 inch version suitable for wall hanging and a smaller 18-by-12 inch version appropriate for desk use. Both versions are available in the US and UK at The price of the supersize calendar is $36 and the smaller desk and wall calendar is $22. (Prices do not include shipping.)