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FontShop just released a new font called Tondo by Dalton Maag. It comes it 3 weights (Light, Regular, Bold) as well a condensed version. I have soft spot for round faces (I need to use them more) and Tondo is reminiscent of the exceptional face VAG.        

The Ampersand


For a while now I’ve been meaning to write about The Ampersand, an excellent blog featuring the most interesting mark in a character set.

Also, here’s a great article by Jonathan Hoefler on the history of the ampersand.        



Love this typographic poster and t-shirt by Neubau Berlin for their exhibition called Neubauism.        

Helvetica Paper


Interesting little project by 20 year old designer Kasper Ledet of a hand made type based on Helvetica. Kasper printed a pattern on sticker sheets and cut out the letters with a scalpel. Very nice.

Via TypeNeu        



L2M3 is a German studio that does extraordinary things with type. There site is a little hard to navigate.        

Grid Systems In Graphic Design


This weekend I finally picked up Grid Systems in Graphic Design by Josef Müller Brockmann. To say this is a great book would be an understatement. I think it’s one of the most important books on graphic design and every serious designer should put this at the top of their must read list. Brockmann does an exceptional job of explaining why a grid is so valuable to a design, and the important rules of setting type on a grid. This book alone will make me a better designer.

I also picked up Brockmann’s other great book, The Graphic Artist and his Design Problems. I haven’t read it yet but I plan to this week.

I’ve added photos of these books to my Flickr page along with:

We Are The World
Total Design: 40 Years
Braun Design Magazine
An Exhibition In Mono Catalogue
Spin/2: 50 Reading Lists