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500 Grids and Style Sheets

500 Grids and Style Sheets

Interesting book available on You Work For Them explaining grid systems and how they are used. A CD is also included that contains 500 grid templates that can be customized.

Good graphic design relies on a simple, fundamental concept: the grid. With the invisible, unifying structure they provide, grids bring consistency and visual harmony to multi-page or multi-screen documents. The Designer’s Toolkit is the first book to streamline the use of this critical tool, providing a fast-track way for both experienced and amateur designers to identify and employ the best grid for the job. A CD embedded in the book’s cover includes 500 ready-to-use grid templates formatted for the most commonly used design programs. The templates can be used as-is or be easily customized to create professional-quality work. This unique book-plus-CD package provides the foundation for anyone to create effective, original, and sophisticated design.

Dimensions: 8.25″ x 9.25″ (inches)
Pages: 160
Edition: Hardcover w/ CD-rom
Languages: English