I very much enjoy this letterhead design by Anton Stankowski. The grid-based structure and asymmetrical layout create a really interesting visual. This letterhead is part of James Phillips Williams’ collection that he often features on his blog, Amass. Check out the site, it’s a keeper. He also owns another gorgeous letterhead that was designed by Herbert Bayer.

If you want more letterhead goodness, head over to the blog Letterheady. The site features a ton of excellent letterhead designs of well known figures like Babe Ruth and Henry Ford. My personal favorites are the letterheads of Houdini and Charlie Chaplin. I can surf this site all day long.        

Modern Publicity


Former Art Director of Monocle magazine, Ken Leung, has received a lot of attention recently on his new consultancy called Modern Publicity. And rightfully so, his work for Monocle is stunning. But personally I find the identity work for Vanity Fair to be the best piece in the portfolio.

Ken sent me some background on the project:

As a background to the project, I was commissioned by Graydon Carter at Vanity Fair to propose a redesign for the magazine – the brief was left open to see what I would come back with.

Given such an amazing opportunity, I envisioned the project as not just a magazine redesign but a complete brand relaunch, also proposing an accompanying corporate identity programme. I wanted the stationery to feel timeless, intelligent and reflective of the magazine’s heritage, whilst also being fresh and modern in it’s use of colour.

I think Ken accomplished exactly that. The identity has a timeless and sophisticated look, at the same time feels modern and minimal. Love it.        

Brooklyn Fare

Brooklyn Fare

Mucca Design has created a stunning package design for Brooklyn based gourmet store, Brooklyn Fare. The branding features a proprietary typeface by Mucca called Fare Serif that is used everywhere and a 4 color system. Another aspect of the minimalist branding that I love is the edgy, humorous tone of the copy.

You can see more of this project on the Mucca newsletters as well as the Eat Me Daily blog.