Mangoola Identity


Australian design firm, End of Work, created this wonderful identity for a coal mine called Mangoola. I never imagined that a coal mine could have such beautiful print material. They explain:

Mangoola is a coal mine situated in Australia. “Mangoola” is thought to mean “black cockatoo” in Aboriginal language. The Cockatoo is a native bird to Australia. Using the name’s meaning as inspiration Sydney based studio End of Work created beautiful print pieces to represent the the feathers of a bird and the strata layers of the earth. This was achieved through a large foil blocked pattern, and laser cutting paper. Launch invitations, Commemorative books, brochures, cards and stationery was produced on black Notturno paper stock.

Hand Written Letter Project

Hand written letter project crouwel

Here’s a great little project by the talented Craig Oldham. Hand Written Letter Project was started in 2007, and is a collection of hand written letters by some well-regarded designers on their own stationery. Some of the invited designers include Michael Bierut, Steven Heller, Tony Brook, Milton Glaser, and my favorite of the collection, Wim Crouwel.

The collection will be released in a limited edition book that will accompany a traveling exhibition, both of which will be raising funds for the National Literacy Trust.

Great idea and cause.