Fritz Gottschalk

fritz-gottschalk-stamps.jpgIn 1973, Fritz Gottschalk designed these postage stamps for the Canada Post to celebrated the meeting of the main organizations involved in earth exploration. Beautiful.

Gottschalk is a renowned Swiss designer that founded the agency, Gottschalk+Ash International, and is widely known for designing the Swiss passport. I can’t seem to find an image online of his passport design, if anyone has one I’d love to see it. Gottschalk+Ash International is also responsible for two of lovely theater posters: one and two.



An excellent collection of well designed stamps, mainly Dutch. Here’s also a great set done by Wim Crouwel. It’s amazing how these designers were able to cramp such wonderful designs and compositions in such a small canvas.

I don’t know about the rest of the world but here in the US are stamps are ugly and cheesy. Would love to hear from people outside the US, especially in Europe, about the design quality of their current stamps.