Press 1

Press 1 is a brochure featuring recent work printed by Team Impression. Printed on GF Smith Colourplan Yellow Sorbet 135gsm, Press 1 features work by Design Project, Spin, Saturday, Six and Made Thought.

I wish there were more detailed shots of the brochure but I checked the TI site and didn’t find any reference to it. I’d love to get a copy it as well.

UPDATE: I was sent some hi-res images from the guys at Six, so I’ll be posting them tomorrow.

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I usually try not to write about work that’s already been posted on other design blogs, but every now and then I there’s a gem that has to be written about.

Like this gorgeous promotional postcard designed by Rich Lyons and Toby Evans of the UK. Substance/08 is a showcase website for a select group of final year students at the University College for the Creative Arts at Farnham, Surrey. Printed using 2-colour litho (black and fluoro green) on GFSmith 350gsm Pistachio Colorplan.