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2010 Calendar Wallpaper

I’ve been working on a 2010 calendar poster that I plan to have letterpressed and figured that it would also work well as a wallpaper. So I put some wallpapers together based on the poster design that features a 2010 calendar and the year written out in English, Italian, French and German. Available in pink and white at 1920×1200.        

The Lost Poster


We’re all familiar with the silver Objectified poster, but Michael C. Place designed a second version with a white background and silver objects and black text that wasn’t used. It’s now being released as a limited edition letterpress, printed in metallic black and silver ink, on Crane’s Lettra 300gsm paper. Sounds like heaven.

It’s being printed by the awesome Brooklyn based Coeur Noir Letterpress, the same folks that printed the Helvetica poster and my son’s baptism invitation. They do stellar work.

Only 100 will be printed and you can grab one for $125.        

Helvetica Forever Exhibit


Helvetica Forever Exhibit is a project by the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and curated by Lars Müller, Victor Malsy and Philipp Teufel.

The exhibition contains items like advertisements, posters, promotional leaflets as well as documents highlightening Helvetica’s history of origin. The exhibit has already passed through Osaka and Tokyo Japan and will also makes stops in Sofia, Bulgaria and Düsseldorf, Germany.

This is definitely a can’t miss. I’m so bummed that this isn’t at all coming to the US. I’d kill to see this! If anyone has visited the show and has photos, please send them over! Thanks.

Via Swiss Legacy        

New Rail Alphabet


New Rail Alphabet is a revival of the typeface used for the British Rail that was designed by Margaret Calvert in the late 60’s. The original consisted of two versions but this new version is available in 6 weights: Off White, Light, Medium, Bold and Black.

I love it. A nice alternative to Helvetica.        

rw/2 Identity Design


Stunning identity design for photography studio rw/2 by Sebastian Gram while working with Hello Monday. Excellent choice of color, love the minty green, and great use of white space. The grid brings all these elements together to create a superb design.

Via Jason Alejandro        

Tip of the Iceberg Poster


I love this poster done by Double Standards for a photography exhibit. Great use of the photography and the overlaying of the type gives it a nice sense of depth. Definitely check out the rest of their work.