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LEGO: Imagine

LEGO Imagine

Here’s a brilliant ad campaign for LEGO by German agency Jung Von Matt that visualizes famous cartoon characters using the basic square LEGO block. Color is used to create characters from The Simpsons, South Park, The Smurfs, The Ninja Turtles, Donald Duck, Bert and Ernie, Asterix and Obelix and Lucky Luke and the Daltons.

McCain’s Typeface


Great article by Steven Heller of the NY Times on the typeface used in John McCain’s presidential campaign. The McCain logo is set in Optima Bold and Heller asked a few designers, which include Michael Bierut, Ellen Lupton and Matthew Carter, two questions: What does Optima say about John McCain? And should this, or any, candidate be judged by a typeface?

I’m not a fan of Optima or McCain for that matter, but it’s definitely an interesting read.