Golden Section for typefaces

Interesting method used by Nick over at Typophile to find the relationship between regular and bold. I decided to do some research to help, looking at a fairly arbitrary group of 12 font families* (mostly Microsoft) and worked out the ratio between lower case thin and thick downstrokes in each case and then took an […]

L’Esigenza Della Velocità

Buddy Carr Skateboards just released L’Esigenza Della Velocità, a new longboard that I designed for them. The board features an innovative flush mount truck system that lowers the deck height, giving the rider better stability and control. In Italian, “L’Esigenza Della Velocità” means “The Needs for Speed”, and that’s were I pulled most of my […]

Introducing The Grid System

So as many of you already know, I’m freakin’ obsessed with grids. A lot of designers either don’t want to be bothered with grids or just don’t understand them, so I wanted to spread the love a little. So I created The Grid System. It’s basically an ever-growing resource site on the topic of grid […]