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Lo Siento

Lo Siento Lo Siento Lo Siento Lo Siento is a Barcelona based design studio producing print, web, motion and exhibition work. A lot of great stuff in their portfolio. My favorite is this leaflet for the new Design Museum of Barcelona. It's printed in 3 colors and languages.
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Hofstede Design

Hofstede Design Hofstede Design Hofstede Design A bunch of great new work by Australian studio Hofstede Design.
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City Sense Platform Branding

City Sense Platform City Sense Platform City Sense Platform I really love the color palette and the overlaying of elements in this branding design by Irene Shkarovska.
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CCRZ CCRZ CCRZ CCRZ is a Swiss multidiciplinary design consultancy with a great collection of work.
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Studio Beige: Gimsel Supermarket

Gimsel Identity Gimsel Identity Gimsel Identity Gimsel Identity Studio Beige designed this beautiful identity for Rotterdam based Gimsel Supermarket.
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Bureau for Visual Affairs

Bureau for Visual Affairs Bureau for Visual Affairs Bureau for Visual Affairs A nice collection of web, mobile and print work from Bureau for Visual Affairs.
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High Tide

High Tide High Tide High Tide A lovely collection of work by NYC based design studio High Tide.
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Socio Design

Socio Design Socio Design Socio Design Socio Design Socio Design Here is another small design studio based out of London, that's producing amazing work. Socio's work is simply stunning. Not a single piece is subpar, and the level of detail that went into every project is astonishing. This is the kind of work that you look at and makes you think "man, I suck!". It definitely made me feel that way, dammit! But that's a good thing. I think every once in awhile we all need someone or something to let us think that we suck. It motivates.
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Roseta y Oihana

Roseta y Oihana Roseta y Oihana Roseta y Oihana is a Barcelona based studio working in web and print. I've posted about them before, but they have some new work up. I really love how colorful their work is.
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studio fnt

studio fnt studio fnt studio fnt I'm loving the work of Seoul based studio fnt. A ton a great work that will keep you mesmerized all day.

A Responsive AisleOne

New year, new design. I've been wanting to redesign the site for a few months now with five goals in mind:
  • Strip it down and make it more minimal
  • Improve typography
  • Make it responsive
  • Allow for bigger images
  • Allow for non-image posts
This new design addresses all five. Because I don't have very much free time these days, I started with a purchased theme and modified it to my liking. Visually, I simplified it a great deal. Some might think it's too minimal, maybe even boring, but I think it serves its purpose well. The typography is greatly improved. The entire site is set in Proxima Nova, which at larger sizes is a pleasure read. No more tiny type. The main text is now set at a large size with spacious leading to make reading easier. Now that mobile devices are a large part of everyday life, I wanted the site to be responsive. Unlike the previous design, this new design presents an optimal viewing experience on a phone, tablet, and desktop browser. It also allows for more flexibility in terms of post formats. The previous design I was constrained within a 450px column for the images, so it didn't allow for larger images. With the new design I can post images up to 690px wide. Bigger images means more details. I also want to make more posts that are just text, for example quotes or this post. This single column design presents text only posts in a better way. Videos also work well, so expect to see more video posts in the future. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this new design, and I think you will be as well. I've tested it as much as I could, but I'd love to hear from you folks on what you think and if you see any issues. Enjoy.

Arnaud Mercier Retrospective 1999–2011

Arnaud Mercier Arnaud Mercier, co-founder of Area 17, passed away last year and a great site was put together in his honor. I didn't personally know Arnaud, but his work was a big influence on me. I'd always head over to Elixirstudio to get inspired. The work he did for Elan was my favorite.