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Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture Branding

Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture

Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture

Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture

Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture

Mark Bloom and Paul Hutchin­son col­lab­o­rated on this beau­ti­ful iden­tity, book and web­site for Mark Tessier Land­scape Archi­tec­ture.

Dot Zero – Issue 1

Dot Zero Issue 1

Dot Zero Issue 1

Dot Zero Issue 1

Dot Zero was a quar­terly by Uni­mark in part­ner­ship with Finch Paper that focused on the the­ory and prac­tice of visual com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Only five issues were pub­lished between 1966 and 1968, and Mas­simo Vignelli was the designer and cre­ative direc­tor of the mag­a­zine. Vignelli wanted to make the design excit­ing, but sim­ple, so he set all type in only two weights of Hel­vetica and every­thing printed in black and white.

Michael Bierut inter­viewed Vignelli about the mag­a­zine. Some nice insights on how the pub­li­ca­tion came about, and its production.

The folks at Ratio­nale Design have made avail­able a hi-res PDF of issue 1 of Dot Zero, and you can see some pho­tos of issue 2 here.

Font Men

Font Men is a short doc­u­men­tary, directed & pro­duced by Dress Code, about Jonathan Hoe­fler and Tobias Frere-Jones, and their world of type. Obvi­ously shot before their pub­lic break-up. Really nice motion graph­ics, too.

Wim Crouwel — Het Nederlands Kamerorkest

Wim Crouwel

A poster or cat­a­log cover designed by Wim Crouwel some­time dur­ing the 60s. Perfection.

Via AGI Open London

Type Only

Type Only

Type Only

Type Only

Type Only

Type Only

Unit Edi­tions con­tin­ues to impress me. They con­tinue to pump-out these high-quality books with great work. The newest book Type Only looks like it’s awe­some. Designed by Spin, and edited by Tony Brook, Clau­dia Klat and Adrian Shaugh­nessy. The book cel­e­brates type unsup­ported by illus­tra­tion or pho­tog­ra­phy. Type Only fea­tures the work of over 100 graphic design­ers from Aus­tralia, Bel­gium, Czech Repub­lic, Fin­land, France, Ger­many, Italy, Nether­lands, Nor­way, Poland, Por­tu­gal, Ser­bia, South Korea, Spain, Swe­den, Switzer­land, UK, USA.


YES Poster


YES is Build’s sec­ond on-demand print poster. It’s a high-quality dig­i­tal print on Hah­ne­muhle Matt Fine Art Smooth Photo Rag Bright White 310gsm stock. It’s design by the always tal­ented Michael C. Place, and is avail­able in A0-841x1189mm, A1-594x841mm, and A2-420x594mm sizes. Grab on here.

A Responsive AisleOne

New year, new design. I’ve been want­ing to redesign the site for a few months now with five goals in mind:

  • Strip it down and make it more minimal
  • Improve typog­ra­phy
  • Make it responsive
  • Allow for big­ger images
  • Allow for non-image posts

This new design addresses all five.

Because I don’t have very much free time these days, I started with a pur­chased theme and mod­i­fied it to my lik­ing. Visu­ally, I sim­pli­fied it a great deal. Some might think it’s too min­i­mal, maybe even bor­ing, but I think it serves its pur­pose well. The typog­ra­phy is greatly improved. The entire site is set in Prox­ima Nova, which at larger sizes is a plea­sure read. No more tiny type. The main text is now set at a large size with spa­cious lead­ing to make read­ing easier.

Now that mobile devices are a large part of every­day life, I wanted the site to be respon­sive. Unlike the pre­vi­ous design, this new design presents an opti­mal view­ing expe­ri­ence on a phone, tablet, and desk­top browser.

It also allows for more flex­i­bil­ity in terms of post for­mats. The pre­vi­ous design I was con­strained within a 450px col­umn for the images, so it didn’t allow for larger images. With the new design I can post images up to 690px wide. Big­ger images means more details. I also want to make more posts that are just text, for exam­ple quotes or this post. This sin­gle col­umn design presents text only posts in a bet­ter way. Videos also work well, so expect to see more video posts in the future.

Over­all, I’m pretty happy with this new design, and I think you will be as well. I’ve tested it as much as I could, but I’d love to hear from you folks on what you think and if you see any issues.


To Have And To Hold

Vintage Bags

Sorry for the silence. Sandy took out my power, so haven’t had much inter­net access. I hope every­one in the NYC area made it through the storm ok.

Now for some design good­ness. To Have And To Hold is an awe­some Tum­blr that fea­tures a col­lec­tion of paper bags from the 70’s and 80’s. The col­lec­tion is part of the Pre­ston Poly­tech­nic ephemera archive and is housed in their Library. Pretty cool.

Via ISO50

André Meca

André Meca

Some very nice work from André Meca. My favorite is this Lon­don Guide set in Akzi­denz Grotesk.

Graphic Design for Non-profit Organizations

Graphic Design for Non-profit Organizations

AisleOne reader, Sean Wol­cott, wrote in to tell me that Mas­simo Vignelli has given him per­mis­sion to dis­trib­ute a high-res PDF of his book, Graphic Design for Non-profit Orga­ni­za­tions. This rare book is by Vignelli and Peter Laun­dry, and was pub­lished in 1980 in part­ner­ship with AIGA. The book focuses on design and best prac­tices for non-profit orga­ni­za­tions, but the con­tent is a great resource in gen­eral and the teach­ings can be applied pretty much any­where. There are sec­tions on grids, typog­ra­phy, for­mats, logo­types, and color, just to name a few.

A big thank you to Mas­simo and Sean for mak­ing this valu­able resource avail­able to all.

You can down­load the PDF from here.

Herb Lubalin: American Graphic Designer 1918—81


Here’s another gem from Unit Edi­tions. A lim­ited edi­tion mono­graph fea­tur­ing the work of Herb Lubalin. This book cov­ers Herb Lubalin’s, from his begin­nings in adver­tis­ing, to his sta­tus as one of the most influ­en­tial graphic design­ers of the last century.

The book is edited by Adrian Shaugh­nessy, Tony Brook and Alexan­der Tochilovsky, and designed Spin.