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Burton Kramer Film

A clip from an upcoming short film about Burton Kramer by Greg Durrell. Kramer is know for designing the Cana­dian Broad­cast­ing Cor­po­ra­tion identity system in 1974.

Pierre Bayle Foundation Identity

almostModern-pierre-bayle Almost Modern was commissioned by The Pierre Bayle Foundation to design a new identity system. They're still working on it, but what they've done so far looks fantastic. Be sure to look at AM's full portfolio. Their work is excellent.

Navy Signal Prints

navy-signal-prints London designer, Hana Tanimura, has created this beautiful set of prints based on the international maritime signal flags. I've always loved the minimal and geometric design of the signal system, so it's great to see them available as high-quality prints. Each flag is a Giclée print on 310gsm Hahnemühle German Etching paper, in an edition of 20, each signed and numbered. The prints are available in A2, A3 and A4 sizes.
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Anagrama certus consultores

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Hey days berg berg

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backup-setup.jpg Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription, For the last 6 years or so, my backup setup consisted of one unreliable 120 GB drive that I would manually update whenever I remember to do so. That's pretty much a pathetic way to go about it and I've been extremely lucky to not have had a catastrophic drive failure, buy Female Pink Viagra no prescription. Buy Female Pink Viagra online no prescription, I've been meaning to get serious about my file management, but I never did anything about it, my Female Pink Viagra experience. Discount Female Pink Viagra, That's until I read Frank Chimero's insightful article about his setup and how he deals with file management. It motivated me to finally put a system together to protect my important files, Female Pink Viagra steet value, Female Pink Viagra natural, and to write this article detailing my current setup. I figured that it can't hurt to have more information available on the subject for those who are interested, Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription.

The Equipment

Right away, Female Pink Viagra over the counter, Low dose Female Pink Viagra, I knew that my lame 120 GB drive wouldn't make a good base for my setup. The key factor in any good backup system is redundancy, is Female Pink Viagra addictive. Buy cheap Female Pink Viagra, The more copies you have of your data, the safer you are, Female Pink Viagra from canadian pharmacy. Purchase Female Pink Viagra online, I first looked into RAID 1 systems. Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription, A RAID 1 system is essentially made up of two drives, one drive is where you backup your data, and the other drive is used to mirror that drive, creating a backup of your backup. The benefit of a RAID 1 is that it all happens on the fly, Female Pink Viagra no rx, Generic Female Pink Viagra, so when data is stored to the first drive, it's instantly mirrored to the second drive, where to buy Female Pink Viagra. Buy Female Pink Viagra without prescription, I found a few options that might work, but they were either too expensive or noisy, doses Female Pink Viagra work. Female Pink Viagra interactions, I then looked into single hard drives, which had to be quiet and large enough to store all of my data, Female Pink Viagra used for. Female Pink Viagra results, To create redundancy I knew that I'd needed two separate drives. After a few days of researching and asking on Twitter, I purchased two Lacie Quadra 1 TB drives, Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription. They're silent, buy Female Pink Viagra online cod, Rx free Female Pink Viagra, affordable, offer four connection interfaces and look damn sexy, Female Pink Viagra dose. Online buying Female Pink Viagra hcl, To build on the setup, I also signed up for Backblaze, Female Pink Viagra photos, Fast shipping Female Pink Viagra, an online file backup service that's really cheap and easy to use. The service constantly checks your machine and external drives to see if anything has changed and needs a backup, Female Pink Viagra duration. Purchase Female Pink Viagra online no prescription, It all happens in the background, so you just set it up and never think about it again, online buying Female Pink Viagra. Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription, The first backup does take a few days, though, depending on the amount of data you're storing. Female Pink Viagra recreational, They have a free 15 trial, which is a great way to test it out, Female Pink Viagra wiki. Female Pink Viagra pharmacy, I also purchased SuperDuper, an inexpensive desktop app that allows you to completely clone your machine, Female Pink Viagra coupon, Female Pink Viagra street price, creating a bootable copy. You can even schedule backups, Female Pink Viagra without a prescription, Canada, mexico, india, which is great.

Finally, get Female Pink Viagra, Female Pink Viagra cost, the system also makes use of Dropbox and Apple's iDisk. More details below on how I use these two services, Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription.

The Setup

I put together this diagram to help visualize my setup, Female Pink Viagra use. Order Female Pink Viagra no prescription, Here's how it works:

All of my data is kept on my iMac's internal drive. Current and archived work files, important documents like my resume, and my Aperture Library Backup, live in my Dropbox folder. I do this to create more redundancy for my most important data. Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription, I've kept my old 120 GB drive and use it to store really old work, videos, pictures and my iPhoto Library. This is not precious data.

Every other day I have SuperDuper clone my iMac to one of my Lacie 1 TB drives, lets call this one Drive A. Immediately after that is done I have SuperDuper clone Drive A to my other Lacie 1 TB drive, let's call this one Drive B. Once a month SuperDuper clones my 120 GB drive to Drive B. I only do it once a week because the data on that drive won't change that often, Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription. All of the SuperDuper backups are set to Smart Update. It's a great feature that only copies files and folders that are new or have changed. This considerably speeds up the process after the initial backup.

Once a week the current work folder in Dropbox, my Address Book and iCal databases, Safari settings, keychain, fonts and current photos are copied to iDisk using Apple's Backup app. Buy Female Pink Viagra Without Prescription, For extra security, I've setup Backblaze to constantly backup my iMac's internal drive, which includes my Dropbox local folder, and the 120 GB drive.

During all this I have Time Machine constantly backing-up to Drive B.

This setup creates 6 copies of my vital data:

- Internal iMac Drive
- External Drive A
- External Drive B
- Dropbox
- iDisk
- Backblaze

and 3 copies of my unimportant data:

- External 120 GB Drive
- External Drive B
- Backblaze

This is a good amount of redundancy and will provided a good level of security and piece of mind. I'll probably expand on this in the future. Those Lacie drives are cheap, so why not get another one to clone one of the other drives. Eventually, I want to have an off-site drive, just for added security.

When I was first looked into backup systems, I had no idea where to begin. Hopefully this article has been helpful to those who are still unsure on how to proceed. I also suggest reading this article by John Gruber for more information on the subject.

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Construction Technologies Australia

construction-technologies-australia-war.jpg Here's some brilliant design work by War Design for adhesive manufacturer Construction Technologies Australia (CTA). I personally love the contrast of the modern design with a very technical product. The beautiful design not only makes the products visual interesting, but it creates a functional labeling system that's super easy to comprehend. Via Lovely Package        

Chocolat Factory Identity System

chocolat_factory Here's an great example of a well designed graphic identity that doesn't over do it and supports the content. Designed by Ruiz+Company for Spanish chocolate company Chocolat Factory, the identity features a clean sans-serif (which looks like DIN) and a wonderful color palette. Reminds me of the gorgeous identity system for Brooklyn Fare.        

I Love Typography Wallpaper

I Love Typography Wallpaper Here's an early holiday present for all readers out there. I initially made this for the superb type blog, I Love Typography, but I ended up making a different one for them. I still love how this came out so I wanted to share it with everyone. It's sort of a homage to typography, with meanings of some familiar type terms at the bottom, and I initially used the grid as a design tool but then decided to make it part of the design itself. It's only available in 1920x1200 because if I resize it, the grid gets funky. Head over to the Wallpaper section to download this dope ass wallpaper. Hope you guys enjoy it. Happy holidays.