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Reissue of the 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual

NASA Graphics Manual Reissue

NASA Graphics Manual Reissue

NASA Graphics Manual Reissue

NASA Graphics Manual Reissue

Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth, the fel­las behind the won­der­ful 1970 NYCTA Graph­ics Stan­dards Man­ual reis­sue, have announced a new Kick­starter for the reis­sue of the 1975 NASA Graph­ics Stan­dards Man­ual.

The orig­i­nal man­ual was cre­ated in 1975 as part of a NASA redesign done by Richard Danne and Bruce Black­burn, and it’s an impor­tant piece of Amer­i­can graphic design his­tory. I’ve been on the look­out for years for a copy of the man­ual, but I still haven’t be able to find one. It’s super rare. That’s what makes this project so great. The man­ual will now be avail­able to the gen­eral pub­lic, so every­one will get to enjoy it.

The reis­sued man­ual will be based on the Danne’s per­sonal copy, and should ship in March 2016. Jesse and Hamish did an incred­i­ble job on the NYCTA man­ual, so I’m sure this reis­sue will be just as good. I’m def­i­nitely back­ing the project.

Here are the specs:

  • Images from the orig­i­nal pre­sen­ta­tion to NASA by Danne & Blackburn
  • 500+ word fore­word by Danne, who has pro­vided never-before-seen mate­ri­als from the DanneDesign archive
  • 2000+ word essay on the cul­ture of NASA at the time of the man­ual by Christo­pher Bonanos
  • Approx­i­mately 5lbs (2.3kg) on earth, 0.9lbs (0.4kg) on the moon
  • 9.5 × 11.5″ (241 × 292mm)
  • 200 pages includ­ing 10 gate folds
  • 93 plates printed from high-resolution scans of Danne’s per­sonal copy of the manual
  • CYMK + 5 Pan­tone® spot colors
  • Hard­cover with soft touch lam­i­na­tion and two-color silkscreen
  • Printed in Italy
  • 100 gsm Yupo Orig­i­nal and Perig­ord Matte 135 gsm
  • Sto­chas­tic printing
  • Red head and tail bands
  • Indi­vid­u­ally pack­aged in sta­tic shield­ing pouch

Spin: The University for the Creative Arts Identity

Spin: The University for the Creative Arts

Spin: The University for the Creative Arts

Spin: The University for the Creative Arts

Spin has recently design this new iden­tity for The Uni­ver­sity for the Cre­ative Arts in Eng­land, that is based on the sim­ple sten­cil. The iden­tity will be applied to sta­tionery, web­site, print, motion graph­ics, sig­nage, and envi­ron­men­tal graphics.

Burton Kramer Film

A clip from an upcom­ing short film about Bur­ton Kramer by Greg Dur­rell. Kramer is know for design­ing the Cana­dian Broad­cast­ing Cor­po­ra­tion iden­tity sys­tem in 1974.

Pierre Bayle Foundation Identity


Almost Mod­ern was com­mis­sioned by The Pierre Bayle Foun­da­tion to design a new iden­tity sys­tem. They’re still work­ing on it, but what they’ve done so far looks fan­tas­tic. Be sure to look at AM’s full port­fo­lio. Their work is excellent.

Navy Signal Prints


Lon­don designer, Hana Tan­imura, has cre­ated this beau­ti­ful set of prints based on the inter­na­tional mar­itime sig­nal flags. I’ve always loved the min­i­mal and geo­met­ric design of the sig­nal sys­tem, so it’s great to see them avail­able as high-quality prints.

Each flag is a Giclée print on 310gsm Hah­nemühle Ger­man Etch­ing paper, in an edi­tion of 20, each signed and num­bered. The prints are avail­able in A2, A3 and A4 sizes.

Certus Consultores Identity

Anagrama certus consultores

I very much enjoy this iden­tity sys­tem for Cer­tus Con­sul­tores cre­ated by Ana­grama. It’s refined and sophisticated.

Via Iain Claridge

Berg & Berg Identity

Hey days berg berg

Oslo based stu­dio Hey Days was hired by fash­ion label Berg & Berg to develop a visual iden­tity, which included sta­tionery, pack­ag­ing and a web­site. I’m in love with this iden­tity and that logo is just per­fect. Sim­ple, clean, sophisticated.

A Backup System


For the last 6 years or so, my backup setup con­sisted of one unre­li­able 120 GB drive that I would man­u­ally update when­ever I remem­ber to do so. That’s pretty much a pathetic way to go about it and I’ve been extremely lucky to not have had a cat­a­strophic drive failure.

I’ve been mean­ing to get seri­ous about my file man­age­ment, but I never did any­thing about it. That’s until I read Frank Chimero’s insight­ful arti­cle about his setup and how he deals with file man­age­ment. It moti­vated me to finally put a sys­tem together to pro­tect my impor­tant files, and to write this arti­cle detail­ing my cur­rent setup. I fig­ured that it can’t hurt to have more infor­ma­tion avail­able on the sub­ject for those who are interested.

The Equip­ment

Right away, I knew that my lame 120 GB drive wouldn’t make a good base for my setup. The key fac­tor in any good backup sys­tem is redun­dancy. The more copies you have of your data, the safer you are. I first looked into RAID 1 sys­tems. A RAID 1 sys­tem is essen­tially made up of two dri­ves, one drive is where you backup your data, and the other drive is used to mir­ror that drive, cre­at­ing a backup of your backup. The ben­e­fit of a RAID 1 is that it all hap­pens on the fly, so when data is stored to the first drive, it’s instantly mir­rored to the sec­ond drive. I found a few options that might work, but they were either too expen­sive or noisy.

I then looked into sin­gle hard dri­ves, which had to be quiet and large enough to store all of my data. To cre­ate redun­dancy I knew that I’d needed two sep­a­rate dri­ves. After a few days of research­ing and ask­ing on Twit­ter, I pur­chased two Lacie Quadra 1 TB dri­ves. They’re silent, afford­able, offer four con­nec­tion inter­faces and look damn sexy.

To build on the setup, I also signed up for Back­blaze, an online file backup ser­vice that’s really cheap and easy to use. The ser­vice con­stantly checks your machine and exter­nal dri­ves to see if any­thing has changed and needs a backup. It all hap­pens in the back­ground, so you just set it up and never think about it again. The first backup does take a few days, though, depend­ing on the amount of data you’re stor­ing. They have a free 15 trial, which is a great way to test it out.

I also pur­chased SuperDuper, an inex­pen­sive desk­top app that allows you to com­pletely clone your machine, cre­at­ing a bootable copy. You can even sched­ule back­ups, which is great.

Finally, the sys­tem also makes use of Drop­box and Apple’s iDisk. More details below on how I use these two services.

The Setup

I put together this dia­gram to help visu­al­ize my setup. Here’s how it works:

All of my data is kept on my iMac’s inter­nal drive. Cur­rent and archived work files, impor­tant doc­u­ments like my resume, and my Aper­ture Library Backup, live in my Drop­box folder. I do this to cre­ate more redun­dancy for my most impor­tant data.

I’ve kept my old 120 GB drive and use it to store really old work, videos, pic­tures and my iPhoto Library. This is not pre­cious data.

Every other day I have SuperDuper clone my iMac to one of my Lacie 1 TB dri­ves, lets call this one Drive A. Imme­di­ately after that is done I have SuperDuper clone Drive A to my other Lacie 1 TB drive, let’s call this one Drive B. Once a month SuperDuper clones my 120 GB drive to Drive B. I only do it once a week because the data on that drive won’t change that often. All of the SuperDuper back­ups are set to Smart Update. It’s a great fea­ture that only copies files and fold­ers that are new or have changed. This con­sid­er­ably speeds up the process after the ini­tial backup.

Once a week the cur­rent work folder in Drop­box, my Address Book and iCal data­bases, Safari set­tings, key­chain, fonts and cur­rent pho­tos are copied to iDisk using Apple’s Backup app.

For extra secu­rity, I’ve setup Back­blaze to con­stantly backup my iMac’s inter­nal drive, which includes my Drop­box local folder, and the 120 GB drive.

Dur­ing all this I have Time Machine con­stantly backing-up to Drive B.

This setup cre­ates 6 copies of my vital data:

 – Inter­nal iMac Drive
 – Exter­nal Drive A
 – Exter­nal Drive B
 – Drop­box
 – iDisk
 – Back­blaze

and 3 copies of my unim­por­tant data:

 – Exter­nal 120 GB Drive
 – Exter­nal Drive B
 – Back­blaze

This is a good amount of redun­dancy and will pro­vided a good level of secu­rity and piece of mind. I’ll prob­a­bly expand on this in the future. Those Lacie dri­ves are cheap, so why not get another one to clone one of the other dri­ves. Even­tu­ally, I want to have an off-site drive, just for added security.

When I was first looked into backup sys­tems, I had no idea where to begin. Hope­fully this arti­cle has been help­ful to those who are still unsure on how to pro­ceed. I also sug­gest read­ing this arti­cle by John Gru­ber for more infor­ma­tion on the subject.

Construction Technologies Australia


Here’s some bril­liant design work by War Design for adhe­sive man­u­fac­turer Con­struc­tion Tech­nolo­gies Aus­tralia (CTA). I per­son­ally love the con­trast of the mod­ern design with a very tech­ni­cal prod­uct. The beau­ti­ful design not only makes the prod­ucts visual inter­est­ing, but it cre­ates a func­tional label­ing sys­tem that’s super easy to comprehend.

Via Lovely Pack­age        

Chocolat Factory Identity System


Here’s an great exam­ple of a well designed graphic iden­tity that doesn’t over do it and sup­ports the con­tent. Designed by Ruiz+Company for Span­ish choco­late com­pany Choco­lat Fac­tory, the iden­tity fea­tures a clean sans-serif (which looks like DIN) and a won­der­ful color palette. Reminds me of the gor­geous iden­tity sys­tem for Brook­lyn Fare.    

I Love Typography Wallpaper

I Love Typography Wallpaper

Here’s an early hol­i­day present for all read­ers out there. I ini­tially made this for the superb type blog, I Love Typog­ra­phy, but I ended up mak­ing a dif­fer­ent one for them. I still love how this came out so I wanted to share it with every­one. It’s sort of a homage to typog­ra­phy, with mean­ings of some famil­iar type terms at the bot­tom, and I ini­tially used the grid as a design tool but then decided to make it part of the design itself. It’s only avail­able in 1920x1200 because if I resize it, the grid gets funky. Head over to the Wall­pa­per sec­tion to down­load this dope ass wallpaper.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Happy holidays.