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Eric Cahan Sky Series

Eric cahan sky series

I absolutely love this series of pho­tographs by Eric Cahan. He man­ages to cap­ture amaz­ing col­ors and super sim­ple gra­di­ents. What really amazes me about the pho­tos is how sim­ple some of the images are. Lovely.

Via But Does It Floats

Sun Silo


I used to be obsessed with pho­tog­ra­phy, so much so that I was about to leave my career in graphic design to pur­sue a career in fash­ion pho­tog­ra­phy. It didn’t end up that way and I’m glad, but I still have a great love for it. I use to have a nice pro cam­era and would snap tons of pho­tos a day, but now I have a basic point & shoot that I use for fam­ily pics and I haven’t shot a nice photo in a while.

Recently I’ve been mess­ing around with the cam­era in my iPhone and in cer­tain sit­u­a­tions I’ve been some­what impressed. For instance this shot I took today of the NYC sky­line. The light was amaz­ing and it was the per­fect time of day where the sun was cre­at­ing some amaz­ing sil­hou­ettes. So I launched the cam­era app and snapped away and got some excel­lent results. The res­o­lu­tion of the cam­era isn’t great at all but this photo is pretty much straight from the iPhone with some slight tweak­ing in Pho­to­shop. You can see a cou­ple of more pho­tos from this series includ­ing a nice panoramic shot I stitched together in Photoshop.

On a side note, a lot of pho­tog­ra­phers frown upon the use of Pho­to­shop to enhance pho­tos. I think that’s a load of rub­bish. I started shoot­ing before the dig­i­tal crazy and I love film but in the dig­i­tal age, using Pho­to­shop to adjust an image is the same as using a dark­room to adjust an image. Pho­to­shop is the dig­i­tal dark­room of today. Just how pho­tog­ra­phers keep the film soak­ing in the chem­i­cals longer for dif­fer­ent results, I adjust the lev­els, curves, color bal­ance, sat­u­ra­tion, etc. in Pho­to­shop to achieve my results. In the end it’s all the same but just using a dif­fer­ent tool.