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Eric cahan sky series

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Sun Silo

sunsilo.jpg I used to be obsessed with photography, so much so that I was about to leave my career in graphic design to pursue a career in fashion photography. It didn't end up that way and I'm glad, but I still have a great love for it. I use to have a nice pro camera and would snap tons of photos a day, but now I have a basic point & shoot that I use for family pics and I haven't shot a nice photo in a while. Recently I've been messing around with the camera in my iPhone and in certain situations I've been somewhat impressed. For instance this shot I took today of the NYC skyline. The light was amazing and it was the perfect time of day where the sun was creating some amazing silhouettes. So I launched the camera app and snapped away and got some excellent results. The resolution of the camera isn't great at all but this photo is pretty much straight from the iPhone with some slight tweaking in Photoshop. You can see a couple of more photos from this series including a nice panoramic shot I stitched together in Photoshop. On a side note, a lot of photographers frown upon the use of Photoshop to enhance photos. I think that's a load of rubbish. I started shooting before the digital crazy and I love film but in the digital age, using Photoshop to adjust an image is the same as using a darkroom to adjust an image. Photoshop is the digital darkroom of today. Just how photographers keep the film soaking in the chemicals longer for different results, I adjust the levels, curves, color balance, saturation, etc. in Photoshop to achieve my results. In the end it's all the same but just using a different tool.