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Introducing LegiStyles™


As some of you already know, I use Net­NewsWire for all my feed read­ing duties. It’s an amaz­ing desk­top appli­ca­tions that offers a ton of great fea­tures includ­ing syn­chro­niza­tion. One of the great advan­tages of using NNW is that you can use cus­tom CSS styles on your feeds.

There are a bunch of styles out there that are good but they all kind of look the same and most of them don’t focus on typog­ra­phy and read­abil­ity. I’m try­ing to fill this void with what I like to call LegiStyles™, a series of cus­tom NNW styles I’ve cre­ated that focus on design and typog­ra­phy. Best of all they’re free.

As of now I have 4 styles avail­able but I plan to add more over time. If you don’t use NNW, I highly rec­om­mend it. If you do, head over to the site and down­load a style or two.

I’ve setup an RSS feed as a way to keep informed on news and updates. For all you Twit­ter users, fol­low LegiStyles for updates and also reply with any feed­back using @legistyles.


NetNewsWire Style 2.5


Ver­sion 2.5 of my Net­NewsWire style is now avail­able. The design is sim­ple and clean with a great deal of focus on typog­ra­phy and leg­i­bil­ity. In this new ver­sion I’ve made some improve­ments that will enhance the read­ing experience.

Another enhance­ment that I was hop­ing to imple­ment was a con­sis­tent ver­ti­cal base­line. But because of incon­sis­ten­cies within RSS feeds it was very dif­fi­cult to accom­plish, prob­a­bly even impos­si­ble. For exam­ple in cer­tain feeds blocks of copy are not wrapped in the para­graph tag, instead just use the break tag. For this rea­son it’s hard to con­trol the text and ele­ments like images.

Any­how, I’m very exited about the fea­tures I was able to add.

New Fea­tures in Ver­sion 2.5

  • Wid­ows
    Pre­ven­tion of typo­graphic wid­ows in titles and body copy via jQWidon’t.

  • Cap­i­tal­iza­tion
    All words in title are capitalized.

  • Image Resize
    Images wider than 600px are resized to fit the fixed width of the style.

Spe­cial thanks to Oliver Boer­mans for help­ing me with some bugs.

To install just dou­ble click the file.

Down­load NNW Style 2.5        

NetNewsWire Style Version 2.0


Yes­ter­day I updated the style I cre­ated for the RSS reader Net­NewsWire to ver­sion 2.0. It’s a com­plete over­haul from ver­sion 1.0 with a new design.

Ver­sion 1.0 had some issues with dis­play­ing arti­cles con­tain­ing mul­ti­ple images which forced me to cre­ate a sec­ond style that could han­dle this. Switch­ing between two styles wasn’t really con­ve­nient so I set out to fix this. This new ver­sion can han­dle arti­cles with any type of con­tent, which is what the first ver­sion should have accomplished.

Ver­sion 2.0 fea­tures a design very sim­i­lar to this blog, extend­ing the visual expe­ri­ence of the site into your RSS reader. It’s sim­ple, clean and easy to read.

I’ve tested the style in NNW 3.0 but it should work in older ver­sions as well.

To install just dou­ble click the file.

Down­load NNW Style 2.0