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Thinking for a Living Relaunches


A new and improved site for Think­ing for a Liv­ing has launched! The site, in my opin­ion, is at the fore­front of inter­ac­tive design. It’s a great exam­ple of why Flash isn’t the only means of cre­at­ing a dynamic inter­ac­tive experience.

The site was designed by BBDK and Frank Chimero and built by Jedi Knight Ian Coyle. It fea­tures key­board nav­i­ga­tion, a fine grid, and a ton of orig­i­nal and inspi­ra­tional content.

I’m super excited and proud to be a part of this fine net­work of peo­ple and sites. TFAL is a must read for any cre­ative type.        

Welcome to The New AisleOne


It’s finally here, after months of on and off work I’m proud to present the new AisleOne. Before I jump into some of the new fea­tures I want to give a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Emil Ols­son for all the devel­op­ment work and for mak­ing this pos­si­ble. With­out him this new site wouldn’t exist. Words can not express how grate­ful I am for all his help. Not only is he ridicu­lously tal­ented, he’s a super nice guy. So now onto the new features.

This site uti­lizes key­board nav­i­ga­tion to enhance the view­ing expe­ri­ence. Use the up ↑ and down ↓ arrow keys to scroll through the site, which takes advan­tage of a nifty infi­nite scrolling fea­ture. The site also has two view­ing modes that can be accessed by press­ing the (g) key for grid mode and the (l) key for list mode. And finally there’s a dash­board that can be opened and closed by press­ing the (d) key. It con­tains other good­ies like Twit­ter Hastags, inspi­ra­tional links, fea­tured arti­cles and more.

For the design I wanted to keep it very sim­ple, push­ing site inter­face in the back­ground and mak­ing the con­tent the focus. I didn’t want to over do it with design ele­ments that dis­tracted you from the con­tent. Based on the site stats over 85% of A1 view­ers have screens larger than 1024 × 768 and 96% have a win­dow width of 968px. Armed with that data, I decided to move beyond a 960px width to 1202px. Hav­ing an extra 242px to play with makes a big dif­fer­ence. The grid is made up of 10 columns, each 96px wide with 22px gut­ters between them. I usu­ally build my grids based on the rule of thirds but this time I didn’t fol­low it. Mainly because I wanted to work with an image width of 450px since the pre­vi­ous design made use of that size.

You’ll also notice that AisleOne is now part of the Think­ing for a Liv­ing Net­work, which will be launch­ing a new site very soon. The Net­work is an alliance of like-minded indi­vid­u­als who are exper­i­ment­ing with pub­lish­ing and edu­ca­tion through a series of topic spe­cific sites, con­fer­ences, work­shops and pub­li­ca­tions. The Net­work includes Think­ing for a Liv­ing, The Grid Sys­tem, AisleOne, The Design Man­i­festo, Design Facts, More Sub­stance, and Thought & The­ory and is orga­nized by Shane Bzdok, Anto­nio Caru­sone, Frank Chimero, Ian Coyle, J. Ellis and Duane King.

So that’s the new site. Please look around and let me know if you see any issues or if there’s any­thing you don’t like about the site or you want to see improved. This site is for you so I want to make it the best it can be.