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Braun ET66 Calculator


Braun has announced that it will reis­sue the iconic ET66 Cal­cu­la­tor. It will be based on the clas­sic 1987 design by Diet­rich Lubs and Dieter Rams, that inspired the iPhone cal­cu­la­tor app. It will be avail­able dur­ing the sum­mer, and you can bet that we will be stock­ing it at Vet­ted. Stay tuned.

Vitsœ Tumblr

Vitsoe Tumblr

Vitsœ, famous for their 606 Uni­ver­sal Shelv­ing Sys­tem, now has a Tum­blr that show­cases their 50-year-old archive. A lot of amaz­ing stuff here.

Braun TG 60

Braun TG 60

Not much to say about the TG 60, it speaks for itself. I wish more brands would go back to a more min­i­mal, beau­ti­ful design aes­thetic like this. Apple and Nest are start­ing that move­ment, but most com­pa­nies still have a long way to go. I recently had an ADT secu­rity sys­tem installed in my home, and the com­po­nents are hard to look at, espe­cially the huge key­pad next to my door. It’s a shame that most com­pa­nies don’t value good design.

More Braun good­ness at Das Pro­gramm.

Das Programm

Dam programm braun rams

This is a great idea. Das Pro­gramm is an shop that only sells objects designed by Dieter Rams that were issued between 1955 and 1995, the time when Rams was Braun’s Direc­tor of Design. It also acts as a museum of sorts, with rel­e­vant his­tor­i­cal prod­uct details avail­able when possible.