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v-a v-a v-a v-a v-a is a design studio based in Lisbon and New York producing some wonderful work like this booklet. I especially love the big block of color for the cover, combined with the clean grid-aligned type.
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City Sense Platform Branding

City Sense Platform City Sense Platform City Sense Platform I really love the color palette and the overlaying of elements in this branding design by Irene Shkarovska.
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271 Year Old Color Guide

1692 Boogert Color Guide 1692 Boogert Color Guide 1692 Boogert Color Guide This blew my mind. "Traité des couleurs servant à la peinture à l’eau" is an 800-page color guide, written in 1692 by an artist known as A. Boogert. The book describes and shows in detail how to use and mix colors. I can't even begin to imagine how long this took to make, and the fact that the colors are still so vibrant is astonishing. This is a work of art, and I would bet that most of what is in this book is still relevant today. It's also great to see that Boogert was also educated in grid systems. Have a look at how those swatches are organized. A hi-res gallery of the entire book is available here Via Colossal
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Circa 1983

Circa 1983 Circa 1983 Circa 1983 Circa 1983 Circa 1983 is a site featuring the photography of Owen Perry. A lot beautiful imagery here. Go through the galleries while listening to Boards of Canada for the perfect viewing experience.
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Edwin Tse

Edwin Tse Edwin Tse Beautiful photography by Edwin Tse.
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Interaction of Color App

Yale University Press has released an iPad app version of Josef Albers’s influential book, Interaction of Color. Designed by Potion, the app features archival video of Josef Albers in the studio and classroom, videos of practicing artists, designers, and architects discussing how they use color, and 63 fully interactive plates. Looks like it's really well done. I'm looking forward to it.

Navy Signal Prints

navy-signal-prints London designer, Hana Tanimura, has created this beautiful set of prints based on the international maritime signal flags. I've always loved the minimal and geometric design of the signal system, so it's great to see them available as high-quality prints. Each flag is a Giclée print on 310gsm Hahnemühle German Etching paper, in an edition of 20, each signed and numbered. The prints are available in A2, A3 and A4 sizes.

Austria Solar Annual Report

Austria Solar Annual Report Sorry for the long silence. I was working on a big pitch and it consumed all of my time. Back to regular posting. To start this week off, he's a gorgeous annual report designed by Service plan for Austria Solar. Lovely use of color and type.


1000KM These incredible photos are part of an editorial series shot by Vienna based studio, atelier olschinsky, for Nevertheless Magazine. The color tones throughout the series are breathtaking.
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Armin Hofmann Farbe

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Akos Major

Stunning minimal photography by Akos Major Plavix For Sale, .

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