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2015 Rationale Calendar

2015 Rationale Calendar 2015 Rationale Calendar 2015 Rationale Calendar Sean Wolcott of Rationale designed this minimal wall calendar. It comes in two version, Sans and Serif, and the dates are presented in two columns with space for notes. The spiral bound calendar measures at 11x17”, and is printed on high-quality 100# Cougar cover stock. You can purchase one here.
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This Year 2014

This Year 2014 This Year 2014 Hey folks, I'm back from vacay. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holidays. We'll kick off the new year with This Studio's 2014 calendar. I always look forward to this calendar, and this edition doesn't disappoint. It's the 7th edition printed with Pantone 102U on 90gsm uncoated paper, size A1. Grab a copy.
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Circular Calendar

Circular Calendar Circular Calendar Circular Calendar The Circular Calendar is designed by German designer, Sören Lachnit, and features a yellow form in the middle of the calendar that represents the possible sun hours fifty degrees north of the equator. It also includes the phases of the moon, the solstices, and space for notes. Printing technology: Offset print Paper: Printed on 170g/m² silk finish paper Dimensions: 841 mm x 1189 mm (33.11 x 46.81 inches)
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This Year 2013 Calendar

This Year Calendar Happy New Year! This is the 6th edition of David Bennett's wonderful calendar. The 2013 edition is printed in black and PMS 151 on A1 sized 90gsm paper. You can purchase one here.

2011 Calendar Wallpapers

2011-Calendar-Wallpaper.jpg **Update** If you've downloaded the wallpapers, please download them again. I fixed an issue with the numbers being misaligned. A lot of you have been asking about this year's wallpaper, and I finally got around to getting it done. This year the full calendar is broken up into 3 wallpapers. Each one has 4 months and the colors get darker as the year progresses. As expected, I went with a simple design with more of a focus on the months and I've continued the multi-language theme. It comes in only one size: 1920x1200. I hope you enjoy it. Download the zip file with all three wallpapers.

Mash Creative 2011 Limited Edition Calendar

mash-creative-2011-limited-edition-calendar.jpg Mash Creative have released a 2011 version of their beautiful limited edition ‘minutes’ calendar, a successor to last years successful 2010 ‘seconds’ calendar. This one has been printed with glow in the dark ink so you can enjoy it at any time of day. When I posted about last years version, it stirred up a small debate about the design and function of the calendar, so here's an excerpt from Mash on their thought process:
The human race seems to be obsessed with time, it’s the one thing we never seem to have enough of. The year ‘Twenty Eleven’ (2011) is made up of five hundred and twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes, that’s an average of around fourty three thousand, eight hundred minutes a month. Our calendar has been designed to be a typographic representation of the year, each month has been broken down into minutes which have been listed below each month name. The jumbled title text at the top of the poster continues the theme from last years calendar and has been influenced by old analogue flip clocks. The calendar has been printed with glow in the dark ink allowing the design to take on a completely different look at night. Using the idea of sidereal time (star time) the highlighted months glow like a constellation of stars.
Expertly screen printed by Bob Eight Pop - each poster has been printed in white and glow in the dark ink and printed onto high quality 160gsm Raven Black Kaskad. Each poster is hand numbered and signed by the designer. You can grab one of these beauties from Counter Objects.

Twenty Eleven Calendar

this-studio-calendar-2011.jpg David Bennett of This Studio never disappoints with his calendars. He just released this hot red calendar for 2011. You can pick one up at Blanka for £20.00.

Mash Creative 2010 Calendar

mash-creative-2010-calendar.jpg Last week I received this gorgeous Limited Edition A1 calendar designed by Mash Creative. The posters are printed 2 colour litho on 170gsm cyclus offset with a 60% cyan shiner to achieve an extra rich black. Each poster is hand numbered and signed by the designer. Only 100 were printed and you can purchase one exclusively from Counter Objects.        

Dan Reisinger

dan-reisinger-el-al-poster.jpg Dan Reisinger is an Israeli graphic designer who's work includes posters, calendars, logos, corporate and environmental day. He's probably most known for his work for EL AL Airlines, which includes a beautiful series of destination posters that were designed from 1968-72. I love his style and his work is probably the only example I've ever seen of good design that uses Hebrew letters. Reisinger also designed this lovely perpetual calendar for MoMA in 1987.        

Limited Edition 2010 Letterpress Calendar On Sale

limited-edition-2010-letterpress-calendar.jpg To celebrate the launch of the new site, and my 1000 post which will happen any day now, the Limited Edition 2010 Letterpress Calendar is on sale for only $30. There are only a little over 25 calendars left so grab one before they're all gone. The calendar measures 16.5" x 23.5" (A2) and is printed on Crane Lettra Fluorescent White 110# (300gsm) paper that is specially developed for letterpress printing. Each print is numbered and signed. Buy Now        

Limited Edition 2010 Letterpress Calendar

limited-edition-2010-letterpress-calendar I have a thing for well-designed calendars and letterpress printing, so this year I tried to combine the two into a single project. Now available to order is this Limited Edition 2010 Letterpress Calendar. The print features a calendar with the year printed in English, Italian, French and German. The 2010, the days of the week, and the edition number line are all printed blind, and of course, the type is set in Helvetica. Each print is numbered and signed. The size of the calendar is 16.5" x 23.5" (A2) and printed on Crane Lettra Fluorescent White 110# (300gsm) paper, which is specially made for letterpress. The quality of the paper is superb and gives the print an extra special feel to it. The printing was done by the fabulous Coeur Noir of Brooklyn, NY. I used these guys for my son's baptism invites and they also printed all the Helvetica Film posters, as well as the Objectified poster. They simply rock. This run is very limited, only 50 prints were made, so order one now for $70. You can check out more detailed photos here. If you're looking for an affordable framing option, I recommend picking up a good-looking, but inexpensive, IKEA Ribba Frame (19.75" x 27.5") and have a custom matte cut to fit it. This setup will run you less than $50.        

This Studio + Twenty Ten Poster

this-studio-twenty-ten.jpg It's that time of the year again and the uber-talented David Bennett has released his mouth-watering 2010 calendar poster. The poster is set in Europa Grotesk and printed one color on a 80gsm stock. I just received one in the mail and it's stunning in person. If you ask him nice enough he might send you a copy.