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Writer iPad App


Yes­ter­day, the tal­ented Oliver Reichen­stein, and his crew at Infor­ma­tion Archi­tects, released Writer for the iPad. The app is a well-designed, stripped down writ­ing tool that allows you to focus on your writ­ing instead of dis­trac­tions. There’s a Focus Mode that removes auto-correction, spell-checker, tool­bars, scrolling, edit­ing, cut/copy/paste and fades out all the text except for the three lines you’re work­ing on. The mode is really great for when you’re stuck on a sen­tence and need to con­cen­trate on that small sec­tion of text.

Much atten­tion has also been paid to the typog­ra­phy. Writer doesn’t have any fancy for­mat­ting set­tings. Instead, font type, text size, col­umn width, lead­ing and con­trast have all been opti­mized to pro­vide the best read­ing expe­ri­ence in both por­trait and land­scape modes. The app makes use of Nitti Light, a mono­spaced type­face by Bold Mon­day.

I’ve had the priv­i­lege of beta test­ing the app before it’s was released, and I can eas­ily say that Writer is one of my favorite apps on my iPad. I’ve used it many times to write blog posts, emails and even por­tions of my book. I’m eas­ily dis­tracted when I write and this app helps me to focus. Oliver and crew paid a great deal of atten­tion to the details, and it shows. I applaud them for the excel­lent work.

Oliver posted an arti­cle detail­ing their think­ing behind the app.

Grid Calculator 1.3


A new ver­sion (1.3) of the excel­lent Grid Cal­cu­la­tor has been released for the Mac. The main fea­ture of this upgrade is the abil­ity to cal­cu­late grids for web design. It’s the only stand-alone app that I know of that sup­ports both print and web. Pretty sweet. I’ve been told that the PC ver­sion is com­ing soon.

Here are some more new features:

• Inches and Points sup­port.
• More paper sizes (DIN, ANSI and Arch).
• Great new time-saving fea­ture “Copy Set­tings” intro­duced — NO more back and forth!
• Mod­i­fied “Quick con­ver­sion” sec­tion.
• Web designer friendly, use Points in 72 ppi res­o­lu­tion and cal­cu­late your grid.

Get Grid Cal­cu­la­tor 1.3 for Mac OS X        

Grid Calculator by Designers Bookshop


As you know, I’m a big grid sys­tem user. One of the most time con­sum­ing, and some­times frus­trat­ing, aspects of grid sys­tems is cal­cu­lat­ing and cre­at­ing them. If you’re new to grids, I sug­gest you do it all by hand at first to learn the process. But once you get the hang of it, and under­stand it, an appli­ca­tion can speed the process up con­sid­er­ably and save you valu­able time.

Over the last few months I’ve been using an app called Grid Cal­cu­la­tor, devel­oped by Design­ers Book­shop, to do all my cal­cu­lat­ing for me so that I could con­cen­trate on other things. It’s avail­able for both Mac and PC and helps with cal­cu­lat­ing cor­rect lead­ing, mar­gins, gut­ters, row space and “f” height for image place­ment. It also includes a handy con­ver­sion tool and doc­u­ment proportions.

It’s cur­rently aimed more towards edi­to­r­ial design, but it could still be used for web design with some minor cal­cu­lat­ing on the side. Hope­fully they expand the next ver­sion to include more fea­tures for web spe­cific design.

I fig­ured that a lot of you would be inter­ested in this app, so I’ve con­tacted the com­pany and they’ve agreed to give AisleOne read­ers a 10% dis­count. The offer is only valid this week: Mon­day, April 27th to Fri­day, May 1st. To get the dis­count, enter in the fol­low­ing code upon check­out : Base­line.

Enjoy and happy gridding.