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FontShop Releases FontShuffle


Today FontShop Berlin announced the release of FontShuffle, a type specimen catalog for your iPhone or iPod Touch. When I read this I jumped out of my chair. I’ve been waiting for an app like this since like forever dude! But after downloading it and playing around with it this morning, I’m a little disappointed. First I’ll start off with some of the good things about this app and then I’ll get into the stuff that makes this app fall flat on its face. Read More »

Chocolate Letterpress


Delicious looking letterpress sorts made out of chocolate.


Ministry of Type confirms that the typeface used here is FF Fago Normal.        

Hiruko Typeface


Alex of Thinkdust informed me about an elegant new typeface family that he designed called Hiruko. It comes in a variety of styles including Regular, Alternative, Light, Oblique, and soon Heavy, Medium, and Outline. You can purchase the fonts at the site.        



FontShop just released a new font called Tondo by Dalton Maag. It comes it 3 weights (Light, Regular, Bold) as well a condensed version. I have soft spot for round faces (I need to use them more) and Tondo is reminiscent of the exceptional face VAG.        

The Ampersand


For a while now I’ve been meaning to write about The Ampersand, an excellent blog featuring the most interesting mark in a character set.

Also, here’s a great article by Jonathan Hoefler on the history of the ampersand.        

The Subtype Foundry


Formally known as Typisc, Subtype is a type foundry by Andreas Pihlström.