Les Mason: Epicurean Magazine 1966–1979


This is a stunning limited edition publication designed by Australian designer, Dominic Hofstede. The booklet features covers and spreads of Epicurean Magazine designed by Art Director Les Mason.

Hofstede created a simple and elegant layout for the book, and the light tan pages with orange text is superb. You can see more images at Recollection or pick up a copy at The Narrows.

22 Posters by Sea Design


SEA‘s latest publication ’22 Posters’ has been produced in conjunction with an exhibition of work in Belfast. The book features, as A6 postcards, 22 highlights from their poster archive, including designs for K2 Screen, Rankin, GF Smith and Wim Crouwel.

The book is printed in 5 colors on GF Smith Ebony Colorplan/Naturalis paper and quarter bound in dark grey cloth.

Only a limited amount are being produced and you can purchase a copy from their website for £5.00 + p&p.